Summertime is Class Reunion Time

This past weekend, I returned to my small hometown in the middle of Nebraska and met with former classmates and friends from high school.  We have been out of school long enough that we no longer try to impress each other with fancy cars, clothes and prestigious careers or opportunities.  We are in the “glad to see you are still alive and kicking” stage.  We have all had our ups and downs and no longer feel the need to discuss our achievements (unless you count getting out of bed in the morning) or status symbols (unless you count the number of surgeries or joint replacements).

This year I had the honor of coming up with the “awards.”  Here is what was presented at our banquet.
Marco Polo Award to the classmate who traveled the farthest to the reunion. A photo album with a map cover on it was given.

The One-Step-Ahead-of-the-Law Award for living the most places since graduation – received “Change of Address” cards

“Thank You for Your Service” Award to the classmates/spouses who served in the military – received American flags

The Home is Where the Heart Is Award to the classmate who has lived in their current home the longest – received a Home Sweet Home plaque

The “Go Forth and Multiply” Award for having the most children – received a little wooden sign that read “You can’t have too much fun!”

“Greatest Legacy Award” for having the most grandchildren – received Washable Magic Markers.

The “For Better or Worse” Award for being married the longest – received a lovely little white picture frame with doves on it.

“Foot Loose and Fancy Free” Award for being single the longest – received “The Party Is Here” banner.

The E-Award went to the person with the most electronic devices and social media signons (Facebook, Twitter, etc) – received a “Connect the Dots” game.

The “Auld Lang Syne” Award went to several people. It was for attending the most reunions. -received their very own “Hello, My Name Is…” name tag.

The “Six Million Dollar Bionic Person” Award went to the person with the most joint replacements – received a toy “reacher” and mechanical hand filled with candy.

“The Doctor Is In” Award went to the person with the most surgical procedures in a lifetime – received a doctor’s kit.

The “I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends”Award went to everyone who requires any assistive devices such as glasses, hearing aids, canes, pacemakers – all but three received this award, a pair of dark glasses, but no canes.

The “Cheer, Cheer Award” went to the person who could remember all the words to the school – received a memory game.

The crowd enjoyed the awards and I enjoyed coming up with them. Fun times!

Paying It Forward

Paying It Forward.


I just received my first Liebster Award from a fellow blogger. I googled Liebster to find out what it is.

Apparently, it is a way for bloggers to recognize each other. It is a “pay it forward,” a way to promote each others’ blogs. There are no judges or prizes. Just a pat on the back for a blog well done (although that may be a stretch, but since there are no judges, who’s to say?) It is also a way to get to know other bloggers and build a network or following.

Once you receive the Liebster (which is German for “dearest”) you are to select 10 blogs with under 200 followers. These bloggers receive the Liebster award from you. One google link describes this as being similar a chain letter. Others disagree because of the negative connotation of the comparison. There are no threats involved–no promises of wealth or threats of losing cash if you don’t continue the Liebster string. It is simply a way to connect with fellow travelers in the blogosphere. One of the “rules” or suggestions is to ask 10 questions of 10 bloggers. Here are the questions I was asked along with my responses:

Q#1: Who or what has been the biggest inspiration in your creative realm?
It is difficult to pinpoint a specific “biggest inspiration” for my writing. I would start with my grandmother who was a wonderful storyteller.
Grammy Grady peeling apples
Add the life experiences and my curious nature. I enjoy people of all sorts and find my fellow humans to be very interesting. My job inspires me–I see people overcome incredible odds as they struggle to return some sort of normalcy to their lives. My family offers generous portions of humor to draw from. My writers’ group of six women inspire me to improve my skills and to open my creative head and heart.

Q#2: What was the first classic you ever recall reading?
Treasure Island by RL Stevenson. I still enjoy that book.

Q#3: What kind of films do you prefer?
Comedies with a good plot–not the senseless “body humor” ones. One of my favorites is “The Big Chill.”

Q#4: Who’s your favorite superhero?
It’s gotta be Batman. I am the mother of three sons and have dressed up as “Bat Mom” at least twice for Halloween. I wear Bat Mom winged glasses, bat earrings, a Batman t-shirt, a black skirt covered by an bat-print apron, a bat cape or shawl and, of course, I carry a big black purse with the Bat signal on it.

Q#5: Who’s your favorite villain (come on, we all have at least one…)
Probably Moriarity, Sherlock Holmes’s archenemy.

Q#6: If you could delegate one of your least favorite responsibilities, what would it be?
Balancing the checkbook.

Q#7: If you could change the flavor of any food or drink, which one would it be and why?
I would change asparagus to chocolate while keeping the nutritional value. I have never liked asparagus. I think it is disgusting.

Q#8: Name one thing you’ve always wished you could learn to do, but could never find the right opportunity.
I would like to know how to read my cat’s mind.
Daisy and the printer

Q#9: Name the first place in the whole world you would go, if you had no cares about time or expenses.
I would return to Ireland.

Q#10: (If you enjoy the theater) What is your favorite play, musical or show? Which would you like to see that you haven’t?
I love musicals. It is hard to pick a favorite. “Oklahoma,” “South Pacific,” most of the old Rogers and Hammerstein musicals. I like Cole Porter’s “Anything Goes.” I enjoy “Wicked” and “Les Miserable.” “The Christmas Carol” is a seasonal favorite. Too many to choose from.