February Birthdays

Aquarius by the Fifth Dimension
I used to work in a doctor’s office with two other nurses whose birthdays were in February like mine.

I am a “Groundhog.” Kathy’s birthday is the next day on February 3rd and Mary’s is February 6th.  We no longer work together, but we try to go out and celebrate our birthdays sometime during the month.  Only Kathy continues to work with the doctor, but we still manage to get together.

When Mary quit, we joked that Dr. Moore only hired Aquarians, so that “fact” needed to be listed on the job requirements. We also joked that, Aquarians were needed because we could hold our water. 

So, this year we plan to get together for lunch. I wrote a parody for them that I will give to them at the celebration.
In tribute to my friends and our shared birthdays and friendship:

The Aging Aquarians

 (Sung to the tune of the Fifth Dimension song from “Hair”–more or less)

When you’re living in your seventh house
And your man appears to be from Mars
And peace hasn’t guided the planets
And you can’t see to steer the car
This is the dawning of the aging Aquarians
Aging Aquarians

Aquarians, Aquarians

Rheumatoid arthritis, total knee and hip replacement
False teeth and bypass surgery block the way of golden dreams of
Cystic distal calcifications, and the mind’s screwed liberations

Aquarians, Aquarians

When the moon is in the second month
And GI issues align with schedules
And Medicare will guide your health plan
And love will need Viagra
This is the dawning of the aging Aquarians
Aging Aquarians

Aquarians, Aquarians
Aquarians, Aquarians



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