Taking the Zero to Hero Challenge

Here I am, clueless, starting the “Zero to Hero” challenge, hoping to learn along the way.

Why am I here? Because I like to write and am looking for another outlet to explore and more audiences to enlighten with my prose (or more like, send out of the room, seeking escape.)

I have been a writer since birth, making my first mark with inky footprints that resembled quotation marks. I am currently working on a historical urban fantasy (How’s that for a genre?) My main character has flashbacks to his youth in the 1960’s-70’s, recalling the “simpler times” and historic events such as the race to the moon, Sputnik visible to the naked eye as it satellites across the dark summer sky, the days of unlocked doors and safety (but was it truly “safe?”). He remembers his college years of student demonstrations, women’s lib, Black Panther movement, civil rights, Vietnam. He remembers his college sweetheart whom he has not seen in over 20 years. All this while sitting in a car in a neatly organized garage.

I am experimenting with writing each chapter from a different point of view. So, my main male character is speaking in one chapter and my main female character is speaking in another. My main female character is reminiscing about her youth as well.

Both are in cars. The male character is in a locked car with the engine running and the female character is driving down the highway with the radio playing “Golden Oldies.” Will they meet?

It is an urban fantasy because there is a unearthly figure in the story and the story is set primarily in two cities.

This is my first novel and a very personal story. I haven’t devoted a lot of time to it in the last couple of years because it was getting to be “too close for comfort.” I believe I am ready to return to it.

I have written several non-fiction inspirational pieces and am published in several anthologies including a Chicken Soup for the Soul book. I have written magazine and newsletter articles as well.

As for topics, I love research and tend to write about things I am interested in. I may delve into Irish folklore, customs and possibly local Irish entertainment. I may explore the possibility of a “How To” blog for organizing high school and other reunions. I will likely add some inspirational stories as well. I am not sure if I should do all this on one blog or create a blog for each topic I come up with.

Who would I like to connect with via my blog? I would like other writers to read my blog, other nurses, publishers, and anyone interested in the topics I will cover. If I am successful with the “Zero to Hero” challenge, I would hope for an interesting blog that appeals to hundreds of people and inspires them to react in a positive way.


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