March Mayhem, Mischief and Madness

Don’t you love alliteration?!

I didn’t realize how long it had been since I last posted!  Much has been going on since February 17th!

We are in the middle of the Bristol Birthday Season.  Dave’s birthday was March 1st, Mike’s this weekend on March 20th and Carlota’s Sunday.  Next comes Dennis’ on April 1st, then Joe’s on April 8th.  Dennis’ mom’s is on April 15th and our baby girl will turn ONE YEAR OLD on April 16th.  Hallmark gets a lot of business from me this time of year!  When the boys were younger and we had birthday parties, this time of year was more expensive than Christmas!  Mine kind of starts it on Feb 2.  Dennis’ dad’s birthday was a week later on Feb 9.  He has since passed away, so there is a bigger gap between my birthday and the rest of the family’s.  I think it’s interesting that Dave married a girl with a March birthday and Mike dates a girl with an April birthday!  I guess we will keep it going!

  Mike's 19th birthday 007

A couple weeks ago, my writers’ group had a retreat in Nebraska City.  It was a blast!  We stayed at the Lied Lodge, which is a very nice facility.  Lots of large logs.  The carpeting is leaf-patterned.  Definitely an Arbor Day theme going.  We arrived Thursday and stayed until Saturday.  The lodge has lots of nooks and crannies where we could write.  It was too cold to go outside, but I would love to go there in the summer and check out the large deck and all the trails around the lodge.  We visited Arbor Lodge which was closed as was the Mayhew Cabin (John Brown’s Cave).  We still managed to find things to do in the town of 7200.  It is amazing how much they have for a town that size.  Lots of history. They recently built a big Lewis and Clark center just east of town.  I think it opened a few years ago for the Lewis and Clark 200th anniversary.  We visited the coffee shops in town and did some of our writing there.  On Saturday we drove over to Louisville, NE, and ate lunch at their old fashioned drug store.  They serve burgers and sandwiches along with the old-time soda fountain drinks.  I ordered a green river.  I think the last time I had one of those was at Central Drug in high school!  After that, we browsed
Coop deVille store, which is a crazy store with all kinds of pink things and oddities.  Definitely a “chick” store (hence the name “Coop de Ville!”)  We drove about 10 miles south to Elmwood, Nebraska, a very tiny town, but home of Bess Streeter Aldrich, one of the most prolific writers of her time.  She lived from 1881-1954 and wrote many stories for The Saturday Evening Post and the Ladies Home Journal.  She wrote several novels. A couple were made into movies.  One of her best loved novels is A Lantern in Her Hand.  We arranged to see the small museum in town.  (It is so off the beaten path and not real well-known, so you call ahead to see it.)  We also got to tour her home, and the curator even let us do some of our writing at Bess Streeter Aldrich’s kitchen table!  It was the first place of this type where we actually got to sit on the furniture!  Of course, if it were to become popular like the Scout’s Rest Ranch in North Platte or the Arbor Lodge, I’m sure that would change! It was interesting, though, because it almost felt like Bess Streeter Aldrich was there with our group. 

Nancy, Cheryl, Nancy, Janet, Joyce-Arbor Lodge Becky, Nancy, Cheryl and Nancy at Whispering Wall

Sue, Nancy, Cheryl, Janet, Joyce, Becky

We have had two rowdy weekends at the Brazen Head (two weeks apart, so not in a row, thank goodness!)  The weekend before St. Patrick’s was the best ever!  One of our friends reserved a couple of tables (for 20 people) and several of Joe’s friends came.  Mike was home on Spring break, so he was there, too.  The band was better than ever (even though Dave Marsh had a cold) because they were enlivened by the crowd.  I did have one close call, though.  I ran into Jim (Hob) when we got there!  He, Kris and Artie were at the Brazen Head for dinner, then they were heading over to the Holland Center to a concert, featuring Irish music as well.  They were at a much more cultured event than we were!  But we got to drink beer and sing loud songs!


At work, we are following March Madness.  We filled out our brackets and whoever has the most right will win a prize of some sort.  Kansas’ loss threw my bracket ‘way off!  I am about half right and half wrong at this point.  It’s kind of fun to follow the games that way.  I have never been a big basketball fan, but this is a neat way to get into it, I guess.

Hope you all are doing well.  I try to keep up with you on Face Book and email.  Take care!


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