Lots of Prayers Needed

As most of you know, Silver lost his mom this week.  Please keep Silver and his family in your thoughts and prayers.  I heard from Karen before Opal died.  She and Silver were traveling  She said they were going from Wisconsin to Florida, mainly back and forth for three weeks.  They were driving the rig and had to unload once in Cleveland, so Karen (who was helping drive the truck) had to drive through the West Virginia mountains!  I don’t think she was too crazy about that!  And I can understand…!  If you’ve ever been to WV and Appalachian Mountains, you know how steep the roads are.  The Rockies are higher, but at least in Colorado, the roads circle the mountains as you go up, so it’s a more gradual incline.  In WV you go up and down the mountains, literally!  Yikes!  I can’t imagine driving a rig there.  When I was a teenager, I pulled our camper trailer through there for a ways and that was enough! Being a passenger is adventure enough! Karen and Silver are expecting their 22 grandchild in January!  Opal left quite a legacy by giving us Silver, wouldn’t you say?!  God bless you all, Silver!

Please keep Deb and Frank in your thoughts and prayers as Deb goes through surgery for cancer.  It is going to be a long haul.  We are pulling for you guys and know you are both strong.  I am confident you will make it through the trials ahead.  Love to you both.

A dear friend of mine gave me a ceramic egg years ago that has an inscription on it that reads: “Do not pray for an easy life.  Pray to be a strong person.”  I remind myself of this often.  We are given many trials in life that it is not possible to have an easy life.  We may think someone has it made, but even the richest, most fortunate person has problems.  Life is not easy.  So, we need to be strong and persevere.  Easier said than done.  But we have each other to help us make it through. 

Vikki is continuing to recover after her near-death experience.  If you remember, she had seizures and almost died in July.  She still has some memory loss but things are gradually coming back.  Her ticker is plugging along with the help of rehab and meds.  Her family is a great strength to her.  Plus, Vikki has a very positive attitude and great sense of humor as you can tell by reading her Face Book entries!  Continue to keep her in your prayers. 

I need to join a Grandmother Support Group if any of you know of one!  Apparently, I don’t know all the rules yet, so I am trying to figure out how to be a good grandma without alienating anyone.  I didn’t know it would be so hard!  I am also getting used to not having Mike around. I really miss him even though he is just in Lincoln!  We used to have almost daily “intellectual” discussions or talk about world events.  I really miss hearing about his day and his opinions of what is going on in the world.  I also miss having my own personal I.T. guy around to help me with computer problems!  He is enjoying college, though, so I know he is fine. (It’s just his mother who isn’t!)

This is it Moving-Vicki, Michelle, jake, Anna, Mike

Moving Mike and Anna (girlfriend) into the dorm

Dennis and I had a fun weekend.  His mom was here from Valentine along with our best man, Gene.  Gene and Dennis are like brothers, having been friends since high school.  Gene lives in Valentine by himself and whenever he comes to visit, he asks if Dennis’ mom wants to come along.  She often comes with him even if she just ends up staying at our house and reading a book.  We went to the ConAgra picnic at the zoo Saturday.  (Dennis’ mom stayed at the house.  It’s hard for her to walk that much.)  It was a beautiful day, seventy degrees and sunny.  The breeze was actually a little on the chilly side.  We had a great time, though.  We were there from about 9:00-3:00.

Dad at ConAgra picnic

Black bear

Sunday Dennis and Gene went to the air show at Offut.  I opted to stay home with Dorotha this time.  She and I went shopping instead.  The guys said there was a lot of standing in line to get on the shuttles, so it was just as well that we stayed home.  The air show is always packed with people.  It’s a very popular event.  At least this year, it wasn’t so hot.  The time I went it was very hot and humid and we stood the entire time!  This year Dennis was smart and took lawn chairs.

A week ago, Craig was in town and we went out to dinner.  It was nice to visit with him.  We didn’t have much of a chance at the reunion, so it was nice to catch up.  (Everyone, come to Omaha and go out to dinner with me, so we can catch up!  I hardly got to visit with anyone at the reunion!)  After dinner, Dennis and I took Craig over to the pedestian bridge that crosses the Missouri River.  Here are some pictures.  They weren’t taken that night, but it looked like that when we were there.  Pretty cool! 

 5535_1221199332968_1318470002_643845_4628398_n 5535_1221199492972_1318470002_643849_3701419_n

I hope you are all well.  Let me know if you didn’t receive the DVD and CD.  I sent them out a couple weeks ago and everyone should have them by now.  Those of you who attended the reunion should have gotten them then.  I mailed ones to those who were unable to attend the reunion.  Let me know what you think of them, too!


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