More Reunion Pictures and Comments

 I just added a little over 60 more pictures to the Reunion Album.  I hope you enjoy them!

The CDs and DVDs are not quite ready yet.  Bill was in Wisconsin and just got home, so he will start burning more disks when he gets a chance. 

I continue to receive positive comments, cards and emails from classmates about the reunion.  Thank you, all, for making the reunion an overwhelming success.  I want to share a couple stories of how some of the reunion plans came about.  Just before the reunion, I received word from Carol that she was not going to be able to attend due to her fiance’s serious illness.  But, she wanted to contribute.  She had the old newspapers that contained the Senior pages showing our Senior pictures and listing things like our “wills.”  She wanted to make copies and have them available for the reunion memorabilia display. Carol saved the old “Indians” all these years.  Unsure how she would get the Indians to us, she decided to take them with her when she went to Lexington a few days prior to the reunion.  She had business in Lexington and thought if she saw a 4-County car or ran into someone she knew from Broken Bow, she could pass the Indians along.  She spied a license plate and recognized it as belonging to a pharmacist from Broken Bow.  She wasn’t sure what Ran was doing in Lex, but that didn’t matter.  She had to see if he would be a willing courier.  Turns out Ran works “on call” at a drug store in Lexington.  He agreed to take the valuable reunion memorabilia to BBow for her!  He said he would give them to Opal.  Opal then gave them to Jodene and the rest is history!  (Carol said Ran couldn’t believe that she and Opal graduated from BBHS the same year!  I’m not sure which he thought was younger or older?!)  Jodene and the Decorations Committee created poster and displayed the newsletters at the banquet.  We didn’t throw the posters away, but sent them home with Hob who was interested in keeping them.

set up Jodene banquet posters  banquet - checking out the promises

Carol also offered some suggestons for Nostalgia.  I think we had some of these already on a poster displayed at the banquet, but they’re fun to revisit!

Hey, if our booklet goes into the “history” archives for BB classes, how about a little history of what happened in 1969?   After all, in a way those 4 years of high school shaped us, and will we be around to tell our grandkids what we saw in 1969?   For instance, July 20, 1969 was when Neil Armstrong stepped onto the surface of the moon.
John Wayne won Best Actor Oscar for “True Grit”.  A very popular movie was “Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice” which was about free love and group therapy.
Gunsmoke and Bonanza were the top 10 TV shows.  Was that the year of Woodstock?
Chappaquiddick with Ted Kennedy happened.
Mets and Celtics were 1969 champions.  Harmon Killebrew hit 49 home runs supposedly without help of steroids.
We didn’t do “texting”, we passed notes in class.  Typewriters were used.  I found an 8 track tape and my granddaughter thought it was a video.  
I went to my granddaughters “grandparents” day, and one of the questions was………What is the biggest change you have seen in your lifetime?  At first I said, colored tv, and had to explain about black and white tv, but then I changed and said, biggest would probably have to be the computer.
And since then I’ve been thinking of all the things I have seen changed.  Heck, all during my high school years, anyone that called our country phone was connected to a 7-party line and everyone could “rubber-neck” on our conversations.  That is a scary thought now! 
We have cell phones, and later I told my granddaughter about a phone booth.  Was it the class of 67 that has a picture in the annual with upteen kids jammed in the phone booth outside the superintendents office.  Remember that?
Richard Nixon was president.  I remember Mr. Wade was our principal, and Mr. Sweenie was counselor, who was superintendent, Mr. Miller?  How many other teachers can you name?
I know you did the car list, but can anyone tell you what the Nebraska license plate in 1969 looked like?  Or what the plate cost?
Also, do any of the guys remember their draft number, or who had the lowest one?  I think Chuck’s was under 10.  Also, how many of our classmates served in the military, and if so, what branch, would be interesting.
Food for Thought from Carol.
I received a letter from Brad, telling me he enjoyed the reunion.  He offered this trivia question:
“How many Senior boys worked at finishing the school so it could in use?”  Answer: 4 – Roger B, Terry B, Denny T and Bradley.
Deb G wanted to know if I saw you guys passing around the card for me at the barbecue.  I was clueless!  Thank you so much for the gift cards to Anthony’s! That was so nice of you all, but so unnecessary.  I was overwhelmed by your thanks, but you guys gave me so much support through the whole planning process.  What a great class we have!  I am proud to be included in such a wonderful group of people.  You are a blessing.  Like I told you before, the reunion planning was a labor of love.  I enjoyed reconnecting with old friends and people who were by my side through those tumultuous teen years.  I hope we all stay in touch.  See you on Face Book!


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