The Times of Our Lives

For some reason, that song is running through my mind…”ya’ know we had the times of our lives.”  Anyway, I posted pictures from the reunion.  Some are Rita’s and some are mine.  I plan to have more from Mike H.  I tried to abscond with his pictures, but when I put them in my file, they pixilated, so he is going to get them to me another way.

You probably thought I was all done with the reunion, but, No…!  I am sending the DVDs and CDs to classmates who weren’t at the reunion.  I have temporarily run out, but I will get more made up to send.  I think I still have about 20 or so to go.  Postage is running around $1.75 per envelope so if you receive one in the mail and like it, send a check to Mike Bell for the class fund. 

Thank you to Irene for her recent check for the class fund!  We wish you could’ve joined the fun of the reunion, but we understand how hard it is to get away.  Irlene works at the local assisted living residence, usually the night shift.  It can be tough to get away when you have a job like that!  Those of us who are nurses know that!  And we wouldn’t want her to abandon the people.  Someday we may be in the same boat and need good caretakers to tolerate our  feeble behaviors. Anyway, thank you, Irene.  We appreciate your generosity (and your dedication to the elderly and the frail.)

In case anyone is wondering about the outcome of Sonia and Jay’s excursion to pick up the RV, all went well. I hope she doesn’t mind that I share her email.  I asked and she never responded, so I’ll take that as a “yes.”

Susan,  I will agree.  It was the greatest reunion ever.  I really hated to miss Sat. night because I had such a wonderful time on Friday.  But we did make it to Columbus Ohio and the camper Jay bought was just wonderful.  More than we even expected.  So clean.  From back in the day when it was new in 1984, it was probably top of the line.  Has a built in vacuum system in the walls, bathtub (never knew campers ever had bathtubs).  But I am so excited about it.  Sooooooooooo are the grandkids.  The 2 yr, old grandson calls it the bus.  We had to eat lunch in it yesterday noon when we got back to Lincoln.  He was in seventh heaven.  The 6 and 3 yr. old granddaughters wanted to have a sleepover in it last night.  I said NO.  We got 2 hrs. of sleep on Friday night after we got to Lincoln as our flight was at 6.  A sleepover it usually not a time to get caught up on sleep. 
Tana our daughter heard us coming a mile away.  She said we sounded like a flight for life helicopter.  After inspection Jay found that we had lost the exhaust muffler.    Sonia
As most of you know by now, Tom Talbot died July 5th.  Tom C did not make it to Chicago as he had planned.  Tom Talbot was a great asset to the art community and was mentor to many, including Tom C.  He left quite a legacy. 
It seems there was a “run” on sad news.  We heard Chuck Holcomb died while we were in BBow.  Remember our nice pharmacist on the square?  Then, Tom, and then just the other day, Deb Smith, who was a year younger than us, died of pneumonia.  She became sick rather suddenly, then died a couple days ago.  She is one of Cheryl’s cousins.  We are sorry to hear the news.  I’m told she was well-liked in the community.  I remember her as being real bubbly in high school, always fun to be around.  Her nickname was “Twiggy.”
Please keep our classmates who are struggling with illness or other trials in your prayers.  Carol’s fiance is receiving a stem cell transplant.  Deb G finished her chemo just prior to the reunion.  Mary Lou’s husband has been battling colon cancer. Judy’s dad has pancreatic cancer. Cortland’s son is in Iraq and Lynne’s son-in-law is in Afghanistan.  We also have some classmates who are without employment or who are struggling in this tight economy.  We are blessed to have our freedom, our health (despite the aches and pains), our families and our friends.  I think our reunion showed us how precious life is and how we must grab each day with gusto and fill each day with love.  May God bless you all!  I love you guys!     


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