Countdown to the Reunion

Only a few days left before we meet in the Bow!  I look forward to seeing you all.  It should be a fun time.

Bill F has been working on the CDs of the booklet so we will have copies at the reunion for everyone. Linda (LD) has uploaded the booklet on a webpage so we can peruse that at our leisure.  There will be more information about that at the reunion.  It is so cool to have so many “techno” literate people in our class!  Shows we’re not a bunch of old fogeys ready to sit in our rocking chairs!

Along with the booklet CDs, Bill also burned the DVDs of the class pictures you all sent to me earlier.  I created a Point Power presentation, set it to ’60’s music and sent the DVD to Bill.  He burned 50 or 60 copies of it for the class to keep.  Thank you, Bill!

Dorsett, Jodene, Darwin and their committees have made the arrangements for the banquet, the food selection, the decorations and memorabilia.  Be sure to bring your nostalgic items so we can have a lot to reminisce about!  Mike H has spent time at the computer creating and printing up nametags using our Senior pictures as well as helping me off and on with my IT questions or difficulties.  I also appreciate all the encouragement and support from Mike, Deb G, Jerry L, Dan J, Nick, Deb Mc, Linda, Lana, Bill F, Shelley, Bruce, Jan and others who have prodded me on when things looked bad or sent appreciation notes that helped “refill my cup.”  I especially want to thank Mike B for handling the account and helping to keep the books.  Mike has been a tremendous help…and he is hosting our barbecue!   Thank you very much, Mike!!

As if you haven’t figured it out by now, this has been a group effort with input from almost every member of our class.  That is why this reunion is going to be the BEST EVER!  It may have taken a little more time in some aspects to communicate all the different things that were going on and to coordinate the committees, but the success of the reunion belongs to YOU!  I merely served as a conduit of information and a cheerleader for our class. (Oh, my gosh!  Me, a cheerleader?!  “Give me a B!” Go, team!)

I wish you all could make it (Shelley, Bruce, Cortland, Carol, and the rest) but your help and support added much to our success.  It is nice that we all reconnected at least and I hope we can continue to communicate and maybe see each other someday.  We could potentially set up an ongoing webpage that we could use to maintain communication and share pictures, etc.  Shelley showed us the one that Kearney Class of 1969 uses or the page that Linda has set up may have further potential.  Look for developments later this year, in that regard.

So, I’ll see you in 10 days!  We have some fun times ahead.  I keep getting more RSVPs so we should have a good crowd.  I think I have over 40 classmates on the list now (not including spouses…could almost double that number with spouses)  My main concern is finding the time and opportunity to visit with everyone!

Safe travels, Godspeed, happy trails, and we’ll see you soon! 


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