Reunion RSVPs

 The reunion RSVPs are beginning to trickle in.  Please return yours as soon as possible.  So far, we have received “yeses” from Mike B, Terry B, Tom, Jerry C., Darwin, Jerry L., Trudie, Jim R., Ronnie S., Jerry S., Chuck, and Jerry V.  Face Book RSVPs are Dorsett, Hob, Jan, Cheryl, Deb & Frank, Doug, Nick and Becky.  (We need your official RSVPs and checks!)

Along with their RSVPs and checks, Trudie M. and Jerry C. sent donations.  Thank you so much!  Our classmates have been very generous which is helping to defray the cost of the reunion.  Many of you have contributed and we appreciate that!

A few emails from awhile ago–After Mrs. Stutzman died, Becky sent me this: I’m glad to say that I did tell Mrs. Stutzman that she was my favorite teacher, several years after she had retired. I wished there were lots of teachers like her. They broke the mold. You always learned something from her, even if it wasn’t English. But you also learned that too. It was always fun to see if she could be distracted from whatever she had in mind to teach that day or as someone said, sidetrack her from giving us a test.  She always made time for you, if you just needed to talk. She was awesome!!

Went to her viewing. Spoke to her niece, she said that Mrs. Stutzman had been on dialysis for the last ten years. She said Mrs. Stutzman put her foot down and said enough was enough, and just quit her treatment. She said she was going to go live with the Lord. She’d been in California for quite a while, with family.  

Linda R. has been working hard to set up the booklet on a webpage.  I need to send her the current updates, but here is what she says.  (Keep in mind she received the rough draft!) We have worked on the BBHS 1969 Booklet. We knew some people had limits on transmission to their email etc. We set it up as a web file and it can be accessed by anyone interested. You had mentioned about some changes. We can easily do that if you let us know for sure what needs added, changed or corrected. The address to get the booklet is:  I thought even people who did not have their own computer, but had access  to a computer somewhere, whether it be at a friend’s or a library or other such place could get the info quite easily. It condensed the file tremendously and makes access so much easier and a lot quicker. Faster to load and easier to download. Some people have parameters on their email and super large files are slow and cause lots of problems. This just simplifies things a little. LD
I will get the revisions to Linda soon so she can update the booklet online.  Thank you for all your hard work, LD!  You did a tremendous job!

Mike H emailed that he was in a quandary about “Favorite Movies, Music and Memories” that I had asked about, so he shared this website that offers a trip down memory lane! My memory isn’t what it used to be.  I have a hard time sorting out what and when all of these happened.  The below site was just referenced by Kim Komando.  It helps sort them out for me.   Mike

Shelley shared the KHS (Kearney Class of ’69) website with us to show us what her husband’s class set up.  We may want to consider something like it to stay in contact between reunions.  There is a fee involved, but I think, due to your generosity, we can swing it.  It really is a cool website with music and all kinds of features.  Check it out and we can talk about it in July at the reunion.

The communication about cars led to Bill F and I shooting emails back and forth about his green Opel, driving ages, Mark Russell’s driver’s ed classes, etc.  Bill even sent me a picture of the Opel!  My mother bought me an old Opel that had been owned by Koefoots.  There were no front fenders on it and my father took it somewhere to have sheet metal aluminum fenders installed.  Very chic and the ladies loved it.  I remember Michelle and I cruising around in it during our freshman year.  I have a picture of the front of the car displaying the fenders at least.  I will try to find it and send it to you.  — I think I was driving earlier then 16.  I can’t remember for sure but I think it was because of the driver’s ed course I took from DR.  Anyway, I do remember driving some with my mother in the car, which indicate some time behind the wheel with a learners permit.  I remember now the Opel was green in color.Bill

It is fun to hear from you.  The little survey about ’60’s movies and music is fun.  Keep sending me your favorites!  Also, what you miss about the 1960’s.  Here are a couple responses: Jerry SFahrenheit 451, But I could not see so well from the back seat. SusanThe Pink Panther movies.  I thought Peter Sellers was so funny!  I used to go to the matinees with Patty Derr or Paula and a bunch of other girls, and we would laugh so hard!  And eat popcorn and salted nut rolls. Bill F –Doctor Zhivago Shelley Romeo & Juliet, Easy Rider, Midnight Cowboy, Rosemary’s Baby, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid – Quite a diverse batch of movies, and I think they were all from 1968 and 1969. Dan JMidnight Cowboy starring Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman. 

TrudieWhat a Day for a Daydream by The Lovin’ Spoonful.  Don’t know why but whenever I hear this song, it makes me smile.  I’m immediately flooded with memories of listening to it and sitting in my Mom’s kitchen with sun coming through the window. Jerry SBlue Velvet by Bobby Vinton. National Guard Armory, my first slow dance, and I fell head over heals in love Susan – Crimson and Clover by Tommy James and the Shondells. It was a very long song and I remember working at the concession stand during basketball games and listening to it when sales were slow. Proud Mary by CCR was great riding around/cruising music!  Bill FPortrait of My Love by Steve Lawrence; Shelley S — I guess I would have to go with “Crimson & Clover” for my favorite song because it brings back a vivid memory of a dance I attended in my junior year.  Ruby Tuesday and Satisfaction by the Stones, and Hello, I Love You by the Doors are songs I memorized the words to and seem to have permanently committed to memory. Dan J — Just one?  “Easy to be Hard”  3 Dog Night  “These Eyes” no significance. All of the Beatles songs & many others; Hob – Ticket to Ride”  Beatles  1965

Nostalgic for–

Trudie the innocence.  I so wish my Grandkids could know the kind of freedom we had growing up where the whole town was our playground.  I think today’s kids are much more aware of all the dangers that are out there than we were.

Also, Dog and Suds chili dogs. I have never found one that tasted as good. 

Jerry SGood TV programs.  Ed Sullivan, Bonanza, Gun Smoke,

Lawrence Welk, American Bandstand, Wide World of Sports, etc.

Susan – being laid back and not worrying about time so much.  There was a freedom that is lacking now, where we could do what we wanted when we wanted. Now, kids have no time.  They are so scheduled up with sports, dance, all these activities, that they can’t just sit back and enjoy the moment.  We are all overscheduled these days.

Shelley People who were willing to stand up for what they believed; protesters, especially songwriter protesters, like Bob Dylan, and the impact they had on society.  Seems nobody cares these days, at least not like they did “back then.”

Dan JCriusin’ the Streets  & Parties

Jim H – I miss not having to worry about anything but myself!!!!!!


Send me your favorite music, favorite movies, and what you miss about 1969 and we can include the lists in the booklet along with the “The Cars We Drove” section.


Please keep our classmates in your thoughts and prayers.  We have some classmates that have joined the ranks of the unemployed, unfortunately, so we pray they find new jobs soon!  Also, Deb G is battling cancer and undergoing chemo now.  We pray for her speedy recovery.  We have classmates whose sons are fighting in Iraq  and Afghanistan.  Lynne’s son-in-law has been deployed to Afghanistan. Cortland’s son is in Iraq.  We pray for their quick success and return.  We have many happy events…Weddings and new babies.  We thank God for those things that keep us in balance.


Keep those emails coming!  I’m off to see my new baby girl this weekend!  She is about 6 weeks old now and is being baptized on Sunday.  Fun times!  Can’t wait to see her!  Coming soon–MORE GRANDMA PICTURES! 



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