Class Reunion Update

By now, most of you should have received the flyers with the details of the reunion.  Shelley sent them out a few days ago.  Please return them as soon as possible.

I think we are going to have a great time.  I have heard from several classmates who plan to come.

Some of the committees are at work now on various aspects of the reunion.  Thank you to the Arrangements Committee— Darwin, Dorsett, Jodene and Jerry V for reserving the Country Club and selectng the buffet for the banquet.  It all sounds good!  We met last April and arranged for the Country Club.  Dorsett did a lot of the leg work to set it up.  The committee chose the two-meat buffet which is reasonably priced and will have broad appeal.  The cost of the banquet is higher than listed on the flyer you received, but we have enough funds to help defray the cost.  I think we were able to knock off about $5-6 per person, using class funds.  This committee is done for now, but will have things to do on the day of the banquet, I’m sure!

The Booklet Committee has nearly completed their duties.  Jerry L did a lot of work at the beginning, keeping the address list current and searching for classmates.  As a result, we have the majority of the class’ addresses.  As you know, I have been entering the information from all of your questionnaires as well as adding cartoon, trivia and pictures to the booklet.  I sent it to Linda R who put it on a webpage so you will be able to see it online.  CDs of the booklet will be available at the reunion. Just when I think the booklet is completed, I think of something else to add!  We did the “Cars We Drove” page, and now I want to have “Our Music” page with popular songs (favorites of yours) that you remember from our era.  Please send me your favorite song.   Also, I am starting a couple other pages, “Movies of the ’60’s” and “What I Miss About the Sixties.”  Please send me your favorites for those categories.  .

Bill F and the Publicity Committee created the flyers you received in the mail.  Bill contacted the committee members, Mary Lou, Jerry L, Robin, Jerry S and Shelley.  Jerry L designed the flyers and Shelley mailed them all out.  Members of this committee live all over the country, so just to communicate with everyone had to be interesting!  Thank you for your hard work, everyone!

Jan and Cheryl from the Entertainment Committee have been asked to come up with some “awards” to give out.  Let them know if you have any ideas for them.  So far, we have “Traveled the Furthest to the Reunion,” “Most Children,” “Most Grandchildren,” “Married the Longest,” and my suggestion of “Most Knee Surgeries!”  Bill and I worked on the DVD.  I compiled the pictures, put them on Movie Maker and added music from the ’60’s.  Bill F burned copies on DVDs for the class.  You will be able to pick one up at the reunion.  Thanks for sending all your pictures for the DVD.  A few pictures arrived too late for the DVD so I put them in the booklet.  Deb Mc is creating and printing a program that will be distributed at the banquet. 

That leaves the Decorations/Nametags Committee–Lana, Jodene, Mary Lou, Dorsett, Robin and Jerry S.  This committee needs to get started on decorations and nametags.  Will one of you volunteer to lead the charge?  I think you can communicate via email like the Publicity Committee did.  I have scanned all the Senior pictures for the booklet, so if you want them for nametags, let me know and I can send you a CD with all the pictures on it.  I have a few items for a memoribilia table if you choose to do that.  I lost alot of my stuff when our basement flooded (water main break) a few summers ago, but I have a class ring, my diploma, a couple of programs (Junior Class play, graduation) and my tassel.  I’m sure other people have items as well, so you could start collecting them (or having them brought to BBow in time for the reunion.)  I think Judy told me she has her Sioux Sweater.  We have a large room at the Country Club, so if you want displays, there is space for things like that.  It would be good if you guys can get started on this soon, so there isn’t a last minute rush.  Keep me posted!

I have received lots of help and encouragement from all of you, plus others who didn’t sign up for the committees.  Mike Horn has been my “technical support.”  Linda R has been my backup for the booklet and went the extra mile by developing a webpage for it!  I appreciate all the thought and hard work that has gone into planning the reunion.  You guys are great!  I look forward to seeing you all in July!

Now, for family updates!  We have been busy with prom, band, Honors Night, graduation and graduation parties.  We are very proud of Mike who will be attending UNL in the fall.  He wants to be a history teacher.  He received many honors and awards, a couple surprise scholarships.  He is a National Merit finalist so UNL gave him an excellent scholarship.  He also received a scholarship from ConAgra–the Corporate National Merit.  Woodmen of the World gave him the “American History” award.  He received one hundred dollars in cash from MidCity Bank just for being in the World-Herald scholar section of the paper.  (The MidCity bank president is a huge supporter of Burke High School.)  The College of Education and Human Services at UNL gave Mike an unsolicited scholarship.  It came out of the blue!  Nice surprise!  So, if Mike can keep his GPA up better than his parents did, he should be in good shape all four years of college!  Mike has been accepted into the Honors Program at UNL and will live in the “nerd dorm,” Neihardt.  We hope, since he will be with the other nerds, he won’t be out partying with all those kids from Harper-Schramm-Smith and Abel Halls like his parents did!


We are looking forward to going to Chicago again next month.  Delilah Luz will be baptized so we will go for the weekend.  She is growing so fast.  I can’t wait to see her!  Dave finally sent some current pictures.  I told him he was falling down on the job!  I need a t-shirt that reads, “Warning!  New Grandma Armed with Baby Pictures!” 

may pic2 May In my crib

Keep in touch!  Let me know how your committees are doing and if you need anything. 



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