Better Late Than Never!

  Sorry I have been delinquent in my blogging lately!  Lots going on.

First of all, Happy Mother’s Day!  Hope you all had a nice, restful day filled with love.  Mine was kind of strange, but still nice.  It started early when Dennis brought home a huge bouquet of flowers on Thursday.  They smell so good!  I already had a small bouquet for May Day, my little maybasket of daisies. (Daisies are my favorite flower.)  Dave and Carlota sent me a photo mug with a picture of Baby Delilah Luz and Dave on it.  I received it in the mail Saturday.  Joe had to work a double-shift today, so he felt bad that he couldn’t take me out to dinner or anything, but late last night I found more flowers (lavendar daisies) and a very funny card from him about being a son.  Mike had Prom last night, so I knew he hadn’t had time to shop for Mother’s Day.  He was too busy getting Anna’s corsage and renting his tuxedo.  He didn’t get home until 2:00 this morning.  So, I was very surprised to find a gift from him on the counter when I got up!  It was a collection of soaps in a clear plastic zipper bag.  It seemed a little odd because it looked more like something you’d give a preteen or teenaged girl.  I wondered when he had time to get it.  So, when he got up this morning, I thanked him for the Mother’s Day gift.  He said, “Oh, yeah.  I won that at the post-prom party last night!”  He said he wasn’t sure what he was going to do with it, then he remembered he hadn’t gotten me a Mother’s Day gift!  That explained the unusual gift.  I joked how, Dave had planned ahead, sent for a gift that he ordered and had personalized with a picture and Joe found time in between work to at least get flowers!  (Mike said he didn’t want to get me flowers because I had enough already!)  Mike decided it was fate that he happened to get the soaps as a door prize.  He said he wanted to get the I-Tunes card, but he got the soaps instead…lucky for me!  He would’ve kept the I-Tunes card and I wouldn’t have gotten a Mother’s Day gift!  

After church this morning, Mike, Dennis and I went to brunch at Bailey’s, a small cafe near 120 & Pacific.  They only serve breakfast and lunch, but have very good food.  It was packed this morning, but we only had about a 30 minute wait and it was well worth it!  I even had a mimosa.  Joe came home from work around 3:30 but had to go back for another shift at 5:00, but we were able to watch most of the Cubs game together.  And the CUBS WON!  It has been sort of a Mother’s Day tradition for us to go to a baseball game.  It was great fun when we lived in Chicago.  Lately, we haven’t been to many games, but we catch the Cubs on TV when we can.

Last evening, we had seventeen kids over to our house for prom pictures, along with their parents.  It was quite a scene!  The weather was gorgeous, so we were able to take all the pictures outdoors.  That is fortunate, because our house doesn’t have many areas that would accommodate a group picture that large!  I thought, if nothing else, we could cram everyone around the bar area downstairs.  But, we didn’t have to do that.  Our neighbor across the street said we could take pictures in their yard, too.  They have a huge lilac bush in bloom that made a beautiful backdrop.



I return to work this week after my rotator cuff surgery.  I am doing well.  I will miss having so much free time, but my bank account is looking bad so I need to get back.  I also miss the people at work.  It will be good to get back into the swing of things.

I am pretty much done with the booklet.  I added some pictures.  Today I heard from Silver H so, hopefully, can add his questionnaire information to the booklet.  We will be sending out notices soon with the details of the reunion.  I thought we might get by with doing it all online, but it looks like people expect to receive invitations.  Plus, it is probably a good way to keep track of who is coming to the reunion.  Anyway, the information is being put together and will go out in the next few weeks.  I am sending the address list to classmates to do the mailing. Deb Mc has volunteered to make a flyer with all the info to mail out. 

If you haven’t joined Face Book, consider doing so.  I put an announcement with details on it on Face Book this past week.  I hope it can be a vehicle for us to use to keep in touch even after the reunion.  I plan to post the DVD pictures on Face Book once the reunion is over.

Look for further info via email and FB.  Keep in touch!  



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