More Cars, Music, Classmate News, and More

Let me try this again.  I had everything done and went to save it when a message appeared that Xanga was doing maintenance until 4:30!  My entire entry disappeared!  I hate when things like that happen!  You work a couple hours on something and it’s gone.  Anyway…

Here are a few fun emails I received about cars we drove:

From Chuck: “drove 64 Chevy SS Impala; White w/red interior.  Good cruising memories.  As far as what I drive now; it is Red Dodge Dakota Pickup; red interor.  Had a  2004 Red SSR previously, but needed room for my grandkids.  They wouldn’t fit in a two seater.  Chuck”    

From Linda Kling.: “What do I remember about driving around? Paula could lose anyone.  And in record time.”

From Terry B:  You were right it was a 64 chev. wagon.  The summer after high school I purchased a 56 chev. from Marvin Neth it was one of the cars that he drove to school. I work construction and most of the time I drive a company pickup 2007 3/4 ton chev pickup. I do have a pickup of my own but we use it to pull the camper and to haul things usually only drive 3-4 thousand miles a year. My wife drives a 2003 ford crown vic. My pickup is a 2002  3/4 ton ford superduty crew cab. Not the real economy vehicle but it dose tow the camper nice.

From Shelley: Hi Suz.  Good Blog.  I like the updated/enhanced car information and would like to add that my present car is a 2007Honda Accord, and I love it.  The cars I drove in high school were a 1955 (not ’58 like Hob first thought) white, 4-door Olds (and if anybody cares, a blue 1960 Buick Le Sabre). Thanks for your good work. Shelley

From Hob: Susan, You could add a deceased member, Jerry Gracey. He drove’ 52′ off white Chevy coupe(very fast) and  59 OLds (also very fast) and got a premature start and got caught. Dave Kleeb can tell you the ‘Rest of the story’.  Mike Goeden also drove a ’53’ Chevy,(The Shirley Ruth mobile) prematurely, with Fred Hoshaw, and he can tell you the ‘Rest of the story’. Hob

From Judy Mohatt: I drove a 1954 blue Ford with the shift on the column and we called it Ol’ Blue.  I was the only one that could start it in the winter time.

Now about music and KOMA.  Lots of people remember listening to KOMA.  I listened to it long before we moved to BBow from Cozad in 1964.  I remember one time when they were having a jingle contest, my brothers, Jim and Floyd, sent in an entry–“KOMA your hair with a Kooky Burns comb!”  They didn’t win.  I don’t know why!  The winner was “Mighty Pretty in Oklahoma City.”  Maybe they thought Kooky Burns was on his way out so they needed a long-staying jingle.  (Remember Kooky from “77 Sunset Strip?”  Now, snap your fingers twice.)
I also remember hearing numerous ads for Pizza Hut.  Their jingle was “Putt, putt, to the Pizza Hut.”  I barely knew what pizza was then!  We were in for a whole new experience!  Anyway, here are some comments from classmates:
Mike Horn wrote: Wow!  I haven’t thought about KOMA since school.  I wish I could get it here, although I do listen to the oldies stations whenever I can. Mike
Bruce wrote: Susan, as far as music, all i remember was every night trying to pick up KOMA.  couldn’t get it all the time, but when we could, it was the best.   now i have the distinct pleasure and honor of living where i can and do listen to KOMA all the time.  and they are still playing the same songs as they did in 69.  it is great.  it is my station of choice and is a rare day that i don’t have a radio on somewhere listening to the tunes of the sixties on KOMA.
Trudie wrote: Hi Susan, Just a note in regards to the music topic.  We listen to KOMA now whenever we drive through OKC, and they are back to playing the same music they did in the “good old days”.  They play all oldies now.  They’ve gone through a few reincarnations.  They were a country station and even “talk” radio for a while.  Now we get a kick when we hear them playing the same songs we used to listen to. Trudie
Jan Carson B wrote:   Music? I was a monkees fan while the rest of you panted after the Beatles! Oh yeah and My all time favorite was the Beach Boys. Killed me to hear my grandson playing their music as a HS junior! And he thought it was new stuf!  JAN
Some of my fondest memories are riding around with Trudie in her big car “Claude” and listening to KOMA.  The car was usually full of other girls, laughing and singing along.  I distinctly remember singing along to CCR “Proud Mary.”  It was one of our favorite songs!  “Rollin’ rollin,’ rollin’ on the river!”
Shelley sent us this picture to bring back memories of those days:
News from Classmates:
After implying that I must be older than he is because I’m a grandma, Nick writes: 
You are a busy woman, but I know you will find time to go see that baby.  I knew a little bit about what the Big G did for his nieces and nephews, I miss him, but think of him often.
My oldest daughter is getting married next weekend, so we have a little excitement too.  If you go to you can see the picture.  Sally and I really like the guy she is marrying.  Melissa met him while living in Chicago, but he’s from Kearney.  Its a small world his uncle is Ken Cox, old teacher at BBHS.  Nice family.
Both of my girls got some scholarships for college also.  Melissa got a little for softball at UNK, but only stayed one year.  She graduated from UNO.  Kate had a full scholarship from Colorado State University, in Ft. Collins for softball.  I thank the people of Colorado for paying for education all the time.
Anyway, congratulations again grandma, so cool  Take care  Nick
Shelley sent me an interesting email about Kearney High School’s Class of 1969 webpage.  Please take a look at it.  We may want to do something like this.  It costs a fee, but I think we could swing it.  Thanks to your generosity (which I know will continue!) our account looks pretty good right now.  Anyway, check out this site and see what you think. We have a few guys in our class who know how to do computer work and we may be able to set up a website like this if there is interest.  We would also need people help keep it going.  Everyone’s time is valuable, so this would take a group effort in order to succeed.  Wouldn’t it be cool, though?
As most of you know, Mrs. Stutzman died last week.  A quick survey of the class resulted in sending a donation to the Custer County Foundation for a scholarship.  I spoke with the school officials and they said they don’t have a scholarship fund set up there, but they go through the Foundation.  I asked Mike B to contact the Foundation and they said they would be able to give a scholarship from our class in her name, but not this year.  The scholarship will be given to a Senior next year as it was too late to get it done for this graduation.  We opted for the scholarship as most people expressed interest in that rather than sending it to her church.  (Only one person responded that it should go to her church.)  Since she was a teacher and many of us were her students, including some of you who had her in grade school, it seemed appropriate to the majority to donate for a scholarship.  I had Mike B write a check from our class fund for $500 for a scholarship in Mrs. Stutzman’s name to be given to a graduate next year.  I felt the amount needed to be significant enough to count for the student.  The amount averaged out to about $5 per classmate so that is how I came up with the figure.  I realize this sets a precedent but the majority of classmates felt Mrs. Stutzman was a special teacher and they wanted to give a donation in her name.  I told Mike if another teacher dies, we can take it on a case-by-case basis and decide what to do.  We don’t need to deplete our fund, sending $500 each time there is a funeral for a former teacher.  Also, we didn’t send flowers as it was too late by the time I heard back from enough people to make a decision.  We still have plenty in our fund to help defray the cost of the reunion.  There will still be a charge to attend the banquet, but it will be very reasonable.
I return to work May 12 so am winding down my medical leave and getting done with the big projects for the reunion.  I need you guys to start chipping in, especially those of you in the BBow area.  We need a list of motels, bed and breakfasts, or other accomodations for our classmates from out of town.  I need that list SOON!  People from out of town need to get their reservations in before they are taken by the Classes of 1959, 1979, 1989, etc. 
Also, the Accommodations Committee needs to get a final amount from the Country Club so we know what kind of money we’re looking at.  Can you guys also get the information together for a flyer to made and mailed out?
Thanks for all your help and support.  Our reunion is only a couple months away, so we need to get going!
Oh, by the way, being a grandma is as great as all of you told me.  Audrey and Carol both told me that “When a baby is born, so is a grandma!”  She is a wonderful baby, but lives too far away.  I plan to see her in June for her baptism.
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