Thank You!

I received a couple more questionnaires–from Jim H and Susan.  I am still waiting for Becky, Roger,Michelle, Rita C.Marc, Mark, Scott, Lana, Cathy, Kerry, Rick H, Marcy, Tim H, Silver,Johnny J, Kleeb, Jackie, Craig L, Mary Lou, Dan, Arlene, Dave N, Marvin, Dan N, Mary Ann, Neil, Daryl, Linda S, Greg and Denny T.  A couple people have chose not to send their questionnaires back and that’s fine.  We will still include their pictures and addresses unless otherwise notified.  Thank you to those whose booklet page I sent back for revisions.  I appreciate your help on that.  Most people have responded with additions or changes and I have taken care of those.  I wanted you all to see how it looked before we published it or burned it on a CD.  We plan to have the booklet available electronically so we can keep the cost of printing down.  We will have some hard copies available for those who do not use the computer.  (It’s amazing that there are still a few out there!)

Hob sent me a fun email re: cars we drove in high school  Do you remember? If you have pictures of your cars from high school, send them to me!  Here is what Hob remembers.  Is he right?  Classmate                                                        Car

Kevin                                                          Green Volkswagen bug

Mike                                                          Black “60” Chevy 2 door

Nick                                                          White/off red 1964 4dr pontiac
Dave K                                                      2 tone Green “58”4 dr pontiac it could go fast
Jim H                                                       Grey and later brown” 55″ Cadillac
Dan J                                                        red “60” 4dr Chevy
John F                                                      Purple “58” chevy
Dan L                                                       White “65” 2 dr red interior Ford sedan
Frank                                                       Mint Green Comet
Mark                                                        White Comet with a red interior
Doug                                                       White “55” Ford 2 dr coupe
Susan G                                                  White Rambler 3 speed on the column station wagon
Shelly                                                      White “58” Oldsmobile 4 dr
Tom    l                                                   White 4dr Rambler sedan
Neil                                                        2 tone Olds 4dr sedan
Scott F                                                “53” two tone green mercury coupe
I didn’t have my driver’s license until I was 18 years old, so I never drove around. I rode with others, though! I was probably in just about everyone’s car at some point!  Mostly, I rode in the myriad of cars and pickup trucks that Paula drove.  I thought John F’s car was red, not purple. ??  I rode around with Trudie, too.  I can’t remember the model, but I think it was black.  Deb P drove a white Covair with a nonfunctioning defroster, a front door that wouldn’t open and questionable windshield washers. I remember Marc has a Willys he drove for awhile.  Becky’s brother had a little red MG convertible that we were privileged to take for a spin a couple times.  What kind of car did you drive?
Do you remember the route we took, driving around town? (Silly question.  There weren’t many options!) When we got tired of driving around, we stopped at the Texaco station and just sat there, watching other people “drag Main.”  Remember how we greeted each other by honking our horns?  I wonder what the people who lived along Hwy 2 thought of that! 
Paula and I (and whoever else happened to be with us) used to stop in Texaco in the summertime and sit there awhile,  Then, we’d get bored, so we’d get out of the car and see if we could get others to stop at the gas station.  Once, w got out and pointed at the sky, as if seeing a UFO.  A few guys stopped and asked what we were looking at.  Another time, we opened the hood of her car, like we were checking something out, and some guys stopped to see if we needed help.  We told them we can’t get the car started without turning on the ignition for some reason!  It took them a minute to catch on.  (Slow boys!)
I remember when we first drove around making the “V” sign.  It was new and people weren’t familiar with the hippie thing yet.  A lot of people asked us what it meant.  We didn’t tell them and they thought it was something naughty.  Later, they found out it was just the peace sign.
Anyway, what do you remember about driving around?


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