More Cars, Music, Classmate News, and More

Let me try this again.  I had everything done and went to save it when a message appeared that Xanga was doing maintenance until 4:30!  My entire entry disappeared!  I hate when things like that happen!  You work a couple hours on something and it’s gone.  Anyway…

Here are a few fun emails I received about cars we drove:

From Chuck: “drove 64 Chevy SS Impala; White w/red interior.  Good cruising memories.  As far as what I drive now; it is Red Dodge Dakota Pickup; red interor.  Had a  2004 Red SSR previously, but needed room for my grandkids.  They wouldn’t fit in a two seater.  Chuck”    

From Linda Kling.: “What do I remember about driving around? Paula could lose anyone.  And in record time.”

From Terry B:  You were right it was a 64 chev. wagon.  The summer after high school I purchased a 56 chev. from Marvin Neth it was one of the cars that he drove to school. I work construction and most of the time I drive a company pickup 2007 3/4 ton chev pickup. I do have a pickup of my own but we use it to pull the camper and to haul things usually only drive 3-4 thousand miles a year. My wife drives a 2003 ford crown vic. My pickup is a 2002  3/4 ton ford superduty crew cab. Not the real economy vehicle but it dose tow the camper nice.

From Shelley: Hi Suz.  Good Blog.  I like the updated/enhanced car information and would like to add that my present car is a 2007Honda Accord, and I love it.  The cars I drove in high school were a 1955 (not ’58 like Hob first thought) white, 4-door Olds (and if anybody cares, a blue 1960 Buick Le Sabre). Thanks for your good work. Shelley

From Hob: Susan, You could add a deceased member, Jerry Gracey. He drove’ 52′ off white Chevy coupe(very fast) and  59 OLds (also very fast) and got a premature start and got caught. Dave Kleeb can tell you the ‘Rest of the story’.  Mike Goeden also drove a ’53’ Chevy,(The Shirley Ruth mobile) prematurely, with Fred Hoshaw, and he can tell you the ‘Rest of the story’. Hob

From Judy Mohatt: I drove a 1954 blue Ford with the shift on the column and we called it Ol’ Blue.  I was the only one that could start it in the winter time.

Now about music and KOMA.  Lots of people remember listening to KOMA.  I listened to it long before we moved to BBow from Cozad in 1964.  I remember one time when they were having a jingle contest, my brothers, Jim and Floyd, sent in an entry–“KOMA your hair with a Kooky Burns comb!”  They didn’t win.  I don’t know why!  The winner was “Mighty Pretty in Oklahoma City.”  Maybe they thought Kooky Burns was on his way out so they needed a long-staying jingle.  (Remember Kooky from “77 Sunset Strip?”  Now, snap your fingers twice.)
I also remember hearing numerous ads for Pizza Hut.  Their jingle was “Putt, putt, to the Pizza Hut.”  I barely knew what pizza was then!  We were in for a whole new experience!  Anyway, here are some comments from classmates:
Mike Horn wrote: Wow!  I haven’t thought about KOMA since school.  I wish I could get it here, although I do listen to the oldies stations whenever I can. Mike
Bruce wrote: Susan, as far as music, all i remember was every night trying to pick up KOMA.  couldn’t get it all the time, but when we could, it was the best.   now i have the distinct pleasure and honor of living where i can and do listen to KOMA all the time.  and they are still playing the same songs as they did in 69.  it is great.  it is my station of choice and is a rare day that i don’t have a radio on somewhere listening to the tunes of the sixties on KOMA.
Trudie wrote: Hi Susan, Just a note in regards to the music topic.  We listen to KOMA now whenever we drive through OKC, and they are back to playing the same music they did in the “good old days”.  They play all oldies now.  They’ve gone through a few reincarnations.  They were a country station and even “talk” radio for a while.  Now we get a kick when we hear them playing the same songs we used to listen to. Trudie
Jan Carson B wrote:   Music? I was a monkees fan while the rest of you panted after the Beatles! Oh yeah and My all time favorite was the Beach Boys. Killed me to hear my grandson playing their music as a HS junior! And he thought it was new stuf!  JAN
Some of my fondest memories are riding around with Trudie in her big car “Claude” and listening to KOMA.  The car was usually full of other girls, laughing and singing along.  I distinctly remember singing along to CCR “Proud Mary.”  It was one of our favorite songs!  “Rollin’ rollin,’ rollin’ on the river!”
Shelley sent us this picture to bring back memories of those days:
News from Classmates:
After implying that I must be older than he is because I’m a grandma, Nick writes: 
You are a busy woman, but I know you will find time to go see that baby.  I knew a little bit about what the Big G did for his nieces and nephews, I miss him, but think of him often.
My oldest daughter is getting married next weekend, so we have a little excitement too.  If you go to you can see the picture.  Sally and I really like the guy she is marrying.  Melissa met him while living in Chicago, but he’s from Kearney.  Its a small world his uncle is Ken Cox, old teacher at BBHS.  Nice family.
Both of my girls got some scholarships for college also.  Melissa got a little for softball at UNK, but only stayed one year.  She graduated from UNO.  Kate had a full scholarship from Colorado State University, in Ft. Collins for softball.  I thank the people of Colorado for paying for education all the time.
Anyway, congratulations again grandma, so cool  Take care  Nick
Shelley sent me an interesting email about Kearney High School’s Class of 1969 webpage.  Please take a look at it.  We may want to do something like this.  It costs a fee, but I think we could swing it.  Thanks to your generosity (which I know will continue!) our account looks pretty good right now.  Anyway, check out this site and see what you think. We have a few guys in our class who know how to do computer work and we may be able to set up a website like this if there is interest.  We would also need people help keep it going.  Everyone’s time is valuable, so this would take a group effort in order to succeed.  Wouldn’t it be cool, though?
As most of you know, Mrs. Stutzman died last week.  A quick survey of the class resulted in sending a donation to the Custer County Foundation for a scholarship.  I spoke with the school officials and they said they don’t have a scholarship fund set up there, but they go through the Foundation.  I asked Mike B to contact the Foundation and they said they would be able to give a scholarship from our class in her name, but not this year.  The scholarship will be given to a Senior next year as it was too late to get it done for this graduation.  We opted for the scholarship as most people expressed interest in that rather than sending it to her church.  (Only one person responded that it should go to her church.)  Since she was a teacher and many of us were her students, including some of you who had her in grade school, it seemed appropriate to the majority to donate for a scholarship.  I had Mike B write a check from our class fund for $500 for a scholarship in Mrs. Stutzman’s name to be given to a graduate next year.  I felt the amount needed to be significant enough to count for the student.  The amount averaged out to about $5 per classmate so that is how I came up with the figure.  I realize this sets a precedent but the majority of classmates felt Mrs. Stutzman was a special teacher and they wanted to give a donation in her name.  I told Mike if another teacher dies, we can take it on a case-by-case basis and decide what to do.  We don’t need to deplete our fund, sending $500 each time there is a funeral for a former teacher.  Also, we didn’t send flowers as it was too late by the time I heard back from enough people to make a decision.  We still have plenty in our fund to help defray the cost of the reunion.  There will still be a charge to attend the banquet, but it will be very reasonable.
I return to work May 12 so am winding down my medical leave and getting done with the big projects for the reunion.  I need you guys to start chipping in, especially those of you in the BBow area.  We need a list of motels, bed and breakfasts, or other accomodations for our classmates from out of town.  I need that list SOON!  People from out of town need to get their reservations in before they are taken by the Classes of 1959, 1979, 1989, etc. 
Also, the Accommodations Committee needs to get a final amount from the Country Club so we know what kind of money we’re looking at.  Can you guys also get the information together for a flyer to made and mailed out?
Thanks for all your help and support.  Our reunion is only a couple months away, so we need to get going!
Oh, by the way, being a grandma is as great as all of you told me.  Audrey and Carol both told me that “When a baby is born, so is a grandma!”  She is a wonderful baby, but lives too far away.  I plan to see her in June for her baptism.
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Why I DRIVE to Chicago

I am in the Windy City this week, visiting my new baby girl who was born Thursday evening, April 16th.  She was due May 1st but decided to arrive early.  Dave called me around 8:30 a.m. Thursday and told me Carlota was in the hospital.  The baby must have had second thoughts, because by 10:00, not much was happening.  The OB doctor decided she better induce Carlota because her water had been broken since 1:00 a.m.  (There is a higher risk of infection to the baby if the water is broken for several hours.)  By mid-afternoon, she was progressing but it was going slow.  I didn’t hear anything for awhile, so I called Carlota’s mom around 5:30 and she said she didn’t know what was happening either because they were asked to leave the birthing room.  They had been sitting in the waiting room for an hour.  I figured Carlota must be pushing if her folks weren’t allowed in the room, so I thought, “Any time now I’m going to be a grandma!”  Mike had a band concert that evening so I took my cell and put it on “vibrate,” muted it, and held it in my hand the entire concert so I wouldn’t miss the call.  The call never came!  I was becoming very concerned.  We got home around 8:00.  No messages on the answering machine.  No missed calls.  Finally, at 8:30 the phone rang.  It was Dave!  Delilah Luz was born “sometime around eight.”  (I was ready to call Child Protective Services on my son for not knowing the exact time of birth!)  “She weighs six pounds-two ounces and is nineteen and half inches long,” he said, “and, she has lots of hair!  Her hair was coming out before she was!” “What?” I said, “Is she Rapunzel?”  Dave was so excited!  We were thrilled.  He said Carlota’s brother took some pictures with his phone camera and he was putting them on Face Book.  (Later, her youngest sister took pictures with her digital camera and put them on Face Book.  I quickly became “Friends” with Carlota’s siblings so I could get baby pictures!)

I debated when I would leave for Chicago and how I would get there.  I wanted to go ASAP, but I knew I couldn’t (or shouldn’t) drive that far alone since I am not 100% after surgery yet.  It is close to the end of the school year, so Joe and Mike had classes and tests they couldn’t miss.  Dennis is busy at work and couldn’t take time off until May.  I was antsy, though, and wanted to go sooner.  I had a wedding to go to Saturday and Mike had band competitions and an Honors tea over the weekend.  Dennis told me he could drive out over the weekend, but would have to get back to work Sunday.  I could fly, but without a good paycheck the past month from not working, I was reluctant to spend the money on airfare.  Plus, it is just such a hassle anymore to fly.  I hate it!

People think I’m nuts when I want to drive to Chicago instead of fly.  “It’s only a 45 minute flight,” they say.  Yeah, but first you need to get into the air!!  I have had too many “flights” that have been hours long.  Believe it or not, I even had a flight that took over eight hours, counting the hour before at the airport checking in, the waiting on the tarmack to takeoff, the circling Chicago once we got there, the lining up to land then get to the gate at O’Hare and finally, the waiting for the luggage.  That’s not counting the waiting for the cab!  I could’ve been at my destination with a car available to me (my own car) in less time!  “Oh, that doesn’t happen that often,” people say.  Well, apparently, it happens an inordinate number of times to the Bristol’s!

I decided to forego the wedding (although I really wanted to attend!) and Mike’s activities–he was kind of ambivalent about them anyway.  He could get a ride to the band competitions, and he was just as soon skip the Honors tea, so who needed the parents around? Dennis and I would drive to Chicago.  We decided to leave after he got off work Friday and go part way, stay overnight in Iowa, then continue on in the morning.  He would stay in Chciago over the weekend, then fly out Sunday night, work all week, and return to Chicago this Friday, sort of a “reverse roundtrip.”  We would then drive back to Omaha together next weekend.

After a night at the SpringHill Suites in Des Moines, we left Saturday morning, heading for Chi-town. Anxious to get there, but wanting to time it so we weren’t too early, we leisurely traveled across Iowa, taking our time to stop in the Amanas and do a little shopping.  Carlota wasn’t being dismissed from the hospital until 2:00 so we wanted to give them time to get home and settle in a bit before we showed up.  It was a nice, relaxing drive, except when I started wanting to get there!  It rained off and on most of the way.  We also stopped at the “World’s Largest Truckstop” near Davenport, a mandatory stop for any Bristol trip to Chicago.  (We always have to stop and see what kind of new crap they have there.  Usually it’s pretty much the same stuff.)  The drive from Davenport to the first toll booth always seems long, but it seemed especially long that day as I counted down the miles to my granddaughter.  “One hundred miles to Delilah!” I would say to Dennis.  “Eighty miles to Delilah!” I already had a “Grandma’s brag book” filled with pictures of Delilah that I had printed from Face Book. I looked at them quite often on the trip.  I couldn’t wait to see her in person! When we got to Aurora, we called Dave and told him we were almost there. We pulled up to their house around 4 pm.

We spent a wonderful weekend with the new baby, Dave & Carlota and Carlota’s family. Dave took Dennis to the airport.  They left at 3:00 to catch a 4:30 flight from O’Hare.  Dave got back home around 6:00 and he, Carlota, the baby and I settled in for the evening.  Alone at last, we were looking forward to a quiet week and time to just enjoy each other’s company and get to know the baby.  I would help out around the house and with the baby and the kids would get to know their new little person better.  Around 6:30, Dennis called.  The flight was delayed because they were waiting for the crew.  He was going to be about a half hour late to Omaha.  OK.  I wouldn’t worry if I didn’t hear from him.  About an hour later, he called again.  “Oh, he must be home now,” I thought.  Nope.  He was delayed again.  They had gotten on the plane and were on the runway ready to take off when a warning light came on, so they went back to the gate and the mechanics came over to fix the problem.  Another call about 45 minutes later–they used too much fuel when they were on the runway, so they had to refuel.  The passengers were still on the plane.  They would be delayed another 30 minutes…no, make that an hour, the line is long at the refueling area.  By now, his 4:30 flight wasn’t leaving until 6:30.  Fortunately, Dennis is good about planning and had taken some yogurt with him, so at least, he wasn’t starving!

I hadn’t heard from him for awhile so I thought things were finally under control and they were in the air.  Around 7:30, the phone rang. “He’s in Omaha”, I thought.  Not to be.  He was back at O’Hare.  The flight had been cancelled.  “Can someone come get me?” Dennis said.  Dave and Carlota live about 45-60 minutes from O’Hare and Dave left to pick his dad up.  In the meantime, Dennis stood at the ticket area with the rest of the passengers, to reschedule a flight for tomorrow! (which is today) When he finally got his ticket, they also gave him vouchers for a motel room and meals.  It would’ve been nice for him to know that ahead of time.  Dave was almost there by the time Dennis got his new plane ticket and the vouchers, so it was too late to change his plans and just stay at a motel near the airport. The guys got back to the house around 10:30.  I could’ve driven all the way to Omaha in the time Dennis spent getting to O’Hare, waiting on the plane, getting off the plane and getting back here.

And that’s not the end of the story! Dennis left at 7:45 this morning for a 9:00 flight.  He won’t get to Omaha until 5:00 tonight!  He has to go to Dallas-Fort Worth first, then stay there until mid-afternoon!  And that is why I hate to fly to Chicago!  

I know part of the problem is Omaha isn’t a huge hub, so the “little people” are often the ones who get the short end of the stick.  I just know this kind of thing seems to happen to us a lot, so I will continue to hop into my Saturn Vue, loaded up with as much stuff as I want to take, no security checks and plastic baggies.  I can keep my shoes on the entire time if I want, or I can take them off if I choose.  I am not sitting on top of the person next to me and I have plenty of leg room.  I don’t have to return the seat in an upright position.  I can turn up my music as loud as I want and I don’t have to pay $10 for the privilege.  The person next to me is someone I know and their body odor doesn’t bother me because I’m used to it.  If a blizzard occurs, I can check into a motel instead of sleep on a cot in the terminal with hundreds of other people.  My bags are handy if I need something.  I don’t have to wait for them to come down a moving conveyer; they are in the back of my car when I get to my destination.  They don’t show up in Utah in another car.  Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer a car over a plane these days.  I used to love to fly, but the joy is gone.  My way is the highway these days!


More Cars! And a Book…

Susan and Dennis Easter Sunday 2009 Mike and Joe Easter 2009


Here is the current list of cars we drove.  Check it over and see if any changes or additions are needed. Is your car here?  Also, we are going to add what you drive now, too.  So let me know, if you haven’t already.

Kevin – Green Volkswagen bug; Nova, 4-door, early 60’s

Linda D – ’59 Chevy (copper colored)

Rick H – ’61 2-door Chevy

Cathy G – ’68 Firebird (cool car!)

John F – ’68, 442 Oldsmobile, 62 Chevy Impala 2Dr HT (later purchased by Dan J) A few other cars that John drove were, a black ‘61 Plymouth police car, ‘56 Chevy 2 door sedan, Green 55 Chev 2drHT and a dark purple/maroon ‘58 Chevy Belair 4 door. (Dale Hill Class of 64 had a twin to this car).  ‘68 Olds 442 he had at graduation. 

Terry B – ’64 Chevy wagon

Neil P – ’56 Olds, light green, and a bike

Jan S – Camaro, late 60’s ??

Jerry C had a White 58 Impala (In 1958 all Impala’s were 2 door HTs) that he later traded for a Black and White 56 Chevy Belair 2Dr HT. 

Mary Lou – ’60 Chevy, white, 3-speed on column

John U – ’59 Olds, red w/gray primer fender

Greg S – ’64 Chevy, blue

Mary T – ’65 Chevy, light blue, 3-speed on column

Mary W – Studebaker (not sure of the year), red or maroon

Becky A – ’67 Chrysler, blue

Brad G – ’59 Chevy?

Jerry S – ’55 Green Chevy 2 door HT.

Deb P – White Covair 4dr but only one backdoor worked.  Floorboards rusted out and holey.  No defroster. It sounded like a lawn mower and had a top speed of just slightly above a fast walk.

Mike HDidn’t have a car in school. I now drive a 2007 Jeep Liberty Mike Goeden – Black ‘60 Chevy 2 door (I started out with a gray 64 Corvair until I blew a rod trying to drag race a Mustang one night.  My second car was the 59 Black Chevy two-door.  My Dad never let me use more than a 6 cylinder driven car, fearing I would kill myself in it, and he was probably right).

Nick D -White/off red 1964 4 door Pontiac Tempest

Dave K – 2 tone Green ’58 4-door Pontiac

Jim H – Grey and later brown ‘55 Cadillac

Dan J –  ‘61 Chevy Belair, ‘62 Impala 2dr HT 

I loved going out and smoking cigars on country roads with Jim H. in the Cadillac and my favorite was the old pea green 40/41 Ford especially when Hob would let me drive

Dan L – White ‘65 2 door red interior Ford sedan         

Frank G – ’62 Mint Green Comet – Nicknamed by friends as “Vomit the Comet” – w/built-in beer cooler

Mark D  – White Comet with a red interior

Doug F – White ‘55 Ford 2 door coupe; Red Covair

Susan G – White Rambler 3 speed on the column station wagon (Now Red 2007 Saturn Vue)

Shelly S – White ‘58 Oldsmobile 4 door

Tom C – White 4 door Rambler sedan

Scott F– ‘53 two tone green Mercury coupe

Jan  – Black ‘59 Ford  (now 2007 Lincoln Navigator)

Bill P’66 Pontiac Tempest 2/dr/ Coupe

Darwin H – ’64 Chevy Impala Super Sport, black

Craig L– ’64 Chevy Impala, Beige, 4 door HT


The Car Conversation has also elicited comments about cars with “character.”  Many feel that kids today are missing out because they don’t have old junkers like we did.  Will they remember their cars fondly like we do?  Here are a few emails from classmates:


Hi Susan, I decided I could get in on your discussion of cars.  I even think you helped name my car on one of our sillier nights.  “Claude” was a 58 Chevy Bel Air two toned greenish turquoise.  “He” had a belt holding the driver’s door closed and a sheet of plastic over the passenger’s window.  I shared the car with my Dad and for some unknown reason he blamed me for all the damage that had been done to it — go figure.  My car today is a 2003 Buick LeSabre and Mike drives an ’89 Chevy pick-up.  We keep talking about a new car and truck, but times being like they are we are a little nervous since we have always been GM people!  Even if we get a new truck, Mike won’t give up his faithful fishing truck, though.  He’s proven it’s indestructible.  Fun things you keep coming up with to bring back memories.  Hugs, Trudie
Trudie also commented later:Mike and I often comment when we go by high schools today and see all the new cars, trucks, and SUVs parked in the parking lot that we almost feel sorry for the kids.  Look at all the really good memories they’ll miss out on.  Who can laugh and feel nostalgic about a shiny new model?
Dan J said: “I loved going out and smoking cigars on country roads with Jim H.  in the Cadilac and my favorite was the old pea green 40/41 Ford especially when Hob would let me drive it.”  Also —
All the cars that I commented on I had many laughs in!  I cannot think of the other cars that John F had at the moment.  Spent many hours /nights in these cars and drank uncountable bottles of Schlitz.  That was before class of 70 converted us to Budweiser. Wouldn’t it be great if we had photos of those cars with the owners? 

Susan, Jimmy Don was correct on my car, 64 Pontiac Tempest, but I only had it as a senior, it was my mom’s before that.  Red corvair was Ferg’s as in Doug.  By the way he and I had the race of the century on the airport road quarter mile.  He beat me, but I don’t think either one of went over the speed limit.  Nick
 I did go over  the speed limit by at least 1 mph in spanking Nicky Boy. The Vair was hot was it not? It had a 2-speed on the dash Doug (Ferg) 
Deb Mc had a white Covair. This is how she describes it: 
 Susan – white with red lettering (Custer County Chief) on the side – it sounded like a lawn mower and had a top speed of just slightly above a fast walk. It also only had one door that opened and that was one of the back ones – its other redeamable quality was that the floorboard was rusted out so the mud splashed up on your legs. For some silly reason I really liked that car. I think my dad let me have it because everyone else in the office refused to drive it. Deb

Mike G says: I started out with a gray 64 corvair until I blew a rod trying to drag race a Mustang one night.  My second car was the 59 Black Chevy two door.  My Dad never let me use more than a 6 cylinder driven car, fearing I would kill myself in it, (and he was probably right). Mike G

Linda May H expanded on the music we listened to.  As we were cruisin’ we were listening to KOMA which was about the only station with “rock” music.  Here is an email from Linda with music links:

Music did define our generation didn’t it, it’s kind of like Lulu’s “To sir with love”- it took us from crayons to perfume! I was never able to be in band, and only had choir for one semester, but I always loved going to the dances at the armory, and  went to Sargent to Oscar’s a few times.
The oldies radio station here in NP switched over to all sports and the “classic” rock stations just don’t quite cut it, so I’ve amassed quite a collection of oldies music on disc. check out some of the web sites that rate the music, for example:
As for me I’m a very eclectic listener. Although Oldies seems to be my main theme, I also  listen to new age – Yanni & Mannheim Steamroller are the ones I have  a little world- some of the S American  artists are really good, a little country, a little jazz. a little classical., what they term easy listening- but much of that includes oldies.
Its funny, but if I start playing the really good oldies at work that the “kids”  turn their radio off and before long they are singing along with my music! If I want to drive them crazy I switch over to Yanni.
I didn’t drive around much but when I did it was a 50s (54 or 5) Chevy.  now my work car is a 93 Pontiac, my husband drives a Dodge pickup and we have a Chrystler 300 for on the road.

Linda also sent me a webpage about Kem Luther’s current book. Kem graduated in 1965 and lived west of the country club. The big barn from the old Luther place was moved recently to the east side of town.  It will serve as a visitors center, if I remember right, for the Byways. ?? Those of you in BBow know better than I do.  Anyway, I remember commenting on the barn a few months ago when its move through town made the national news.  Back to Kem, though…He has written a book called “The Next Generation Gap.”  It sounds very interesting!  Here is the link to his site. 

Kem describes his book as “The Next Generation Gap is a personal, historical, and sociological reflection on what it meant to come of age in the United States during the rebellious 1960s. The events of that period led the American media to coin the phrase “generation gap” to describe the expanding gulf between the values of young people and the values of those in positions of power. The more I explored the historical reach of the topic, the clearer it became to me that we weren’t the first Americans to experience a generation gap. Since 1776 five American generations have gone through the convulsions of a generational revolution.”

“Once I had the larger picture in my head, it became obvious to me, as I think it will become obvious to readers of The Next Generation Gap, that we stand at the edge a new transition, a momentous sixth generation gap.  At the end of the book I predict that another generation revolution will occur in the 2010s, bringing with it the kinds of civil unrest that transformed America in the 1960s.”

Check it out!

Thank You!

I received a couple more questionnaires–from Jim H and Susan.  I am still waiting for Becky, Roger,Michelle, Rita C.Marc, Mark, Scott, Lana, Cathy, Kerry, Rick H, Marcy, Tim H, Silver,Johnny J, Kleeb, Jackie, Craig L, Mary Lou, Dan, Arlene, Dave N, Marvin, Dan N, Mary Ann, Neil, Daryl, Linda S, Greg and Denny T.  A couple people have chose not to send their questionnaires back and that’s fine.  We will still include their pictures and addresses unless otherwise notified.  Thank you to those whose booklet page I sent back for revisions.  I appreciate your help on that.  Most people have responded with additions or changes and I have taken care of those.  I wanted you all to see how it looked before we published it or burned it on a CD.  We plan to have the booklet available electronically so we can keep the cost of printing down.  We will have some hard copies available for those who do not use the computer.  (It’s amazing that there are still a few out there!)

Hob sent me a fun email re: cars we drove in high school  Do you remember? If you have pictures of your cars from high school, send them to me!  Here is what Hob remembers.  Is he right?  Classmate                                                        Car

Kevin                                                          Green Volkswagen bug

Mike                                                          Black “60” Chevy 2 door

Nick                                                          White/off red 1964 4dr pontiac
Dave K                                                      2 tone Green “58”4 dr pontiac it could go fast
Jim H                                                       Grey and later brown” 55″ Cadillac
Dan J                                                        red “60” 4dr Chevy
John F                                                      Purple “58” chevy
Dan L                                                       White “65” 2 dr red interior Ford sedan
Frank                                                       Mint Green Comet
Mark                                                        White Comet with a red interior
Doug                                                       White “55” Ford 2 dr coupe
Susan G                                                  White Rambler 3 speed on the column station wagon
Shelly                                                      White “58” Oldsmobile 4 dr
Tom    l                                                   White 4dr Rambler sedan
Neil                                                        2 tone Olds 4dr sedan
Scott F                                                “53” two tone green mercury coupe
I didn’t have my driver’s license until I was 18 years old, so I never drove around. I rode with others, though! I was probably in just about everyone’s car at some point!  Mostly, I rode in the myriad of cars and pickup trucks that Paula drove.  I thought John F’s car was red, not purple. ??  I rode around with Trudie, too.  I can’t remember the model, but I think it was black.  Deb P drove a white Covair with a nonfunctioning defroster, a front door that wouldn’t open and questionable windshield washers. I remember Marc has a Willys he drove for awhile.  Becky’s brother had a little red MG convertible that we were privileged to take for a spin a couple times.  What kind of car did you drive?
Do you remember the route we took, driving around town? (Silly question.  There weren’t many options!) When we got tired of driving around, we stopped at the Texaco station and just sat there, watching other people “drag Main.”  Remember how we greeted each other by honking our horns?  I wonder what the people who lived along Hwy 2 thought of that! 
Paula and I (and whoever else happened to be with us) used to stop in Texaco in the summertime and sit there awhile,  Then, we’d get bored, so we’d get out of the car and see if we could get others to stop at the gas station.  Once, w got out and pointed at the sky, as if seeing a UFO.  A few guys stopped and asked what we were looking at.  Another time, we opened the hood of her car, like we were checking something out, and some guys stopped to see if we needed help.  We told them we can’t get the car started without turning on the ignition for some reason!  It took them a minute to catch on.  (Slow boys!)
I remember when we first drove around making the “V” sign.  It was new and people weren’t familiar with the hippie thing yet.  A lot of people asked us what it meant.  We didn’t tell them and they thought it was something naughty.  Later, they found out it was just the peace sign.
Anyway, what do you remember about driving around?