Kids, Grandkids, Great-grandkids, Boys and Girls

We seem to be experiencing a popular boom with several new grandchildren arriving this spring.  I am seeing it at work, too.  Lots of grandbabies being born which means a lot of us want time off to go be with our new little people.  Congratulations to all you grandparents and welcome to your prodigy!

Hob sent me an email about daughters and how fathers with several daughters have to do certain things to meet the needs of the girls in his life.  (Hob has a son, so he won’t ever experience this personally.)  Here are his thoughts: Susan,  I was thinking about this yesterday. What fathers of our classmates had the most trouble getting to use the bathroom when their daughters got to be older and dated and worried about their appearances? Lana G had 4 girls in her family so George had trouble on the weekends when the girls were getting spruced up to go out and Janice C has 2 sisters so her dad had a similar situation as did Mike Klingbeil. Does anyone else come to mind? This is based on a story a few years ago in the “World Herald” that prom time this farmer from Shelby Ne. had 3 daughters close in age. He had to add another bathroom to the house and addtional electrical outlets for plug ins for beauty devices for hair. The dad said he knew on the weekends and especially prom time, it was impossible to get any time in the bathroom. 

It is ironic because I was reading yesterday’s World-Herald and there is an article about smelly teenaged boys called “Adolescent Boys Take Smell to Extremes.” (page 4E)  So, being a parent of either sex has its challenges and joys. 

In the article, they talked about how the popular deodorant, Axe, is used (or overused) by many boys.  It said, ‘Eau de Boys come in two unforgettable scents: Locker Room and Axe.”  Either boys use Axe or don’t use anything, it seems.  The article reads “If you live with the Locker Room variety, then you have one of those boys who won’t shower and whose socks and T-shirts must be decontaminated by a HazMat team before going into the laundry.”  It goes on to describe the Axe teen by saying “But if it’s the smell of Axe deodorant you’re used to, then you’ve got a kid who creates giant vapor clouds everytime he sprays himself with the stuff, causing you to run around opening windows, hoping it dissipates before the entire family passes out.”  Apparently, there are studies that show that puberty changes the perception of body odors, plus puberty emits strong body odors!  The article said “The female nose gets more sensitive, but the male nose gets worse.”  So, apparently, we girls can smell the odors more and the guys are clueless at that age. Also, girls respond more to peer pressure about odor and appearance whereas boys don’t.  The Axe ads seems to tell the boys that they will get the girls if they use it, though. 

When all three of our boys lived at home, we often had a huge mountain of athletic shoes by our front door.  Mostly, boys’ shoes, sizes 13-16–huge shoes.  The smell of testerone and sweat permeated the house.  Our cat used to climb into the shoes, stick her head inside the toe of the shoe and take a big whiff.  We thought she was probably getting “high” on the fumes.  All of the boys’ friends took their shoes off at the front door, a practice our boys learned while living in the Chicago area where it common practice for everyone, children and adults, to remove their shoes at the front door.  The huge pile of shoes was a result of this practice.  Oftentimes if a girl was among the crowd occupying our basement and playing videogames, her little size 6 shoes would disappear into the abyss.  Our cat didn’t seem to like the girls’ shoes.  She would sniff at them then turn away. 

Mike was at a party last weekend and when Dennis dropped him off, he talked to the mother as they stood in her doorway where an identical pile of shoes had accumulated.  The mother of the band student having the party described to Dennis how her cat likes to smell the shoes.  Like our cat, her cat also discriminates between those belonging to the males and those of the females.  I guess our cat isn’t so unique in that way.  Maybe other cats are shoe sniffers as well.  Maybe they should start a support group!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit with Bill F and Bruce W.  We had a great time.  The guys drove up from Lincoln and we met at one of the western exits on the interstate (Cabela’s exit).  We ate lunch at a Runza,  (Bill and I didn’t realize that BBow has a Runza and that Bruce had been eating at it all week while he was up visiting his mom!)  We talked and talked, and after awhile we were the only customers in the place.  The gal from behind the counter walked over to our table.  We thought she was going to kick us out.  Instead, she offered us some complimentary ice cream.  I think she was using it as an excuse to see if we still had a pulse.  She probably saw us there, not moving from our seats and thought, “I wonder if those three old folks over there are still alive?!”  Anyway, that was a nice gesture on her part.  We enjoyed our visit, then she took our picture for us.  Aren’t we as good-looking as ever?

  DSC01978  Bruce, Susan, Bill


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