One-handed keyboarding is not easy–very tedious and I grow impatient, longing to use both hands!

As you recall, I had surgery almost two weeks ago–rotator cuff repair.  The surgeon had to open my shoulder to fix it.  I have a small incision (4″-5″) on top of my left shoulder.  The tear was too big to fix by arthroscopy, but also not so bad as to require a huge incision. I was in the hospital overnight (or as the insurance people say, I was a “23 hour stay.”)  The Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital is very nice and the employees are very professional.  I ran into some old friends there.  Neil Davis was my anesthesiologist.  I ‘ve known him since his residency in the 1980’s.  He is Chip Davis’ brother from Mannheim Steamroller.  Neil is a musician in his own right and plays with a band for fun. He told me his next “gig” is in April, so we may have to go check it out.  He played at Dr. Kent’s daughter’s wedding a few years ago.  Anyway, it was great to see him after all these years.  We reminisced about the NICU years. I also saw a nurse I used to work with 15 years ago, so that was fun. 

My doc said the surgery was pretty clear cut–no surprises. Now the fun begins!  Physical therapy three times a week for the 6-8 weeks starting TOMORROW!  Wish me luck.

DSC01916 DSC01913 DSC01911 Flowers and cards after my surgery.  The teddy bear doctor kit flowers are from Dave and Carlota.  The other bouquet is from work.  I also received several cards, books, and a couple DVDs.  My friend, Maggie, who is Dave’s godmother, brought over dinner.  Dennis’ mom has been here to help out so we haven’t needed much so far.  Other friend are planning to bring dinners after Dennis’ mom goes home to Valentine.

Mike was in Minneapolis this weekend on a field trip for jazz band.  They went to Hard Rock Cafe, Mall of America, etc. but the highlight was the concert by the Lincoln Center jazz band lead by Wynton Marsalis.  The kids got to go backstage and meet Wynton Marsalis.  Mike got his autograph, too.  Being a trumpet player, Mike was thrilled to meet him in person. (Mike in blue shirt below.)

Mike and Wynton Marsalis Wynton marsalis

I had hoped to chaperone this trip like I did the one to Chicago last year, but my surgery interfered. I also missed the Burke musical (“Once Upon a Mattress”) the week before.  Oh, well.  At least, I should be in fairly good shape by the time our grandbaby arrives!  Friends had a shower for Carlota last weekend.  It was also Dave’s birthday.

daves bday-carlotas babys shower 041 daves bday-carlotas babys shower 004

Cindy Ellingson Rogers has a new grandson, born March 2.  He is her fourth grandchild.  His name is Joseph.  Vikki also sent me some pictures of her newest great-granddaughters, Emma Rose and Skylir.  Very cute babies!  Her email made my day because I got the pictures just before my surgery and it reminded me that I need to get better fast so I can hold our new baby in May. 

Thank you for all your emails and support.  You have been very helpful.  Plese keep all of our classmates in your prayers.  There is a lot of stress and heartache out there right now.  Please think of those classmates who have lost their jobs, who have health or financially difficulties, or who are going through some very tough times. We remember Lana’s dad who died of cancer recently.  Bless you all!


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