Happy Chinese New Year!

This is the Year of the Ox. New Year starts January 26 this year.  You probably have heard there are 12 signs of the Chinese Year.  The twelve signs are a popular way for recording the years.  People born on a certain lunar year are said to carry the characteristics of the animal in which the year is associated.  Since most of us were born in either 1950 (Year of the Tiger) or 1951 (Year of the Rabbit) these are our characteristics (according to Chinese folklore): 

Tiger–Sensitive, given to deep thinking, and capable of great sympathy.  They are courageous and powerful, but do not make up their minds easily.  Tigers are respected, but may have conflict with authority. Tigers tend to get carried away when they think they are right.  Excellent career choices are boss, explorer, race car driver or matador.  (Did any of you become matadors?)  Some Tigers are: Ted Turner, Jay Leno, Joan Lunden.

Rabbit–Articulate, talented and ambitious.  They are virtuous, reserved and have excellent taste.  Good tempered, they are clever and business and tend to be financially lucky.  Rabbits are conservative and wise.  People like to be around Rabbits because they are kind, affectionate and pleasant.  Rabbits do have a tendency to get too sentimental (that’s me!) and seem superficial.  Excellent career choices are business, law, diplomat or actor.  Some Rabbits are Julia Duffy, Michael Jordan, Cheryl Ladd.

I like to celebrate Chinese New Year because it is a good excuse to have Chinese food!  When my friend, Maggie, adopted a Chinese baby 12 years ago, we started celebrating it every year.  We said we were sharing Anne’s heritage and teaching her about it, but really we just wanted moo shu pork and cashew chicken.  Anne is older now and no longer interested in getting together with old people like us.  She would rather go out with her preteen friends, watch “High School Musical” or whatever it is, or download Jonas Brothers music.

Today Dennis and I went to the flower show at St. Cecilia’s (Cathedral).  It is an event they have every year to promote and raise funds for their extensive art programs at cathedral.  I made a slide show of all the beautiful flowers, quilts and artwork.  This year’s theme was “Quilts and Flowers” so many handmade quilts were used in the displays.  Gorgeous!  During the show, they also have musicians and singers performing at various times over the weekend.  It is a very popular event with hundreds of people attending.  The cathedral smells so good!  It is like having a little bit of Spring in the middle of winter. 

Thank you to everyon who sent emails and encouragement after my recent announcement of my pending surgery.  I will keep you posted on that. 



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