Holiday Greetings!

 I am sending out a mailing to most of you as I need to get the questionnaires back for the reunion booklet.  2009 promises to be a very busy year for me, what with Mike’s high school graduation, the birth of our first grandchild, the end of my term on the parish council, the class reunion and numerous other activities.  Somewhere I need to squeeze in work and writing!  Anyway, I need to get the questionnaires back as soon as possible, so please fill them out and drop them in the mail to me ASAP!  Also, we still need pictures for the DVD!  Here is a sampling of what we’re looking for.  (I haven’t been posting the pictures I’ve received for the DVD because we want it to be a surprise at the reunion.)

Schweitzer family Christy,hub Dan, gradndaughter Mattilyn Kay, Ron& Linda Nick & girls Disney Andersonn, CJ's family

Farritor, Harris'79Jessy&Heather Most people are sending 3-6 pictures.  If you haven’t sent any, please do so soon.  I printed up and sent out 60 cards, letters and questionnaires today.  That’s a lot of postage, time and paper, so I hope it was worth it and that I get most of them back!  If you want, you can email me the information and pictures or send them through snail mail.

News from Jerry C. in New Mexico–Good morning to all, Thought I would share an interesting week.  Last Saturday I went to the ER with chest pain.  A minor heart attack and now I have a stint on one artery in my heart.  Still ticking! God Bless and have a very Merry Christmas, Jerry

We’re glad it turned out OK for you, Jerry, and that you are doing well.  We don’t need any scares like that!

After telling about our frigid temperatures here and the snow we got, Linda C (formerly Kling.) emailed: This is why I love living in So. Calif.  I really like looking at the snow on the mountains, knowing I can go up for a day, if I want to (but I never want to.)  Thanks, Linda!  Brrr!

Deb Mc said the move to the newly restored Chief office was a success and everyone is glad to be back in the same building again. Thanks Susan – the day went great – we had an open house and ribbon cutting last Friday with lots of folks present – it was awesome – Deb

It remains very cold here, so we have been home-bound as much as possible.  It is suppose to go up to 20 degrees Tuesday, so a heatwave is moving in.  More snow, though.  Looks like we will have a white Christmas. I have been doing a lot of holiday baking which keeps me warm!  Plus, the house smells so good! 

Have a wonderful holiday!  God’s peace to you all.  Merry Christmas!  





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