Weekend in Illinois

Hi!  I’m late posting this week because I was in Illinois over the weekend.  Maggie F (Bill’s wife) and I left Friday and came back home Monday.  She dropped me off at Rochelle where I met Dave.  Maggie went north to Rockford and I went east with my son to the Chicago suburbs.

It was snowy and cold, so we didn’t go downtown to see the Christmas decorations or to go shopping like I had hoped we would.  But, Dave and Carlota had something even better in store for me.  They rescheduled her ultrasound for Saturday so I could go with them!  It was very exciting to see my little granddaughter up close and in person (granted, in utero).  Yes, our little GIRL is due to arrive in May!  At first, I was slightly disappointed the baby wasn’t a boy. Being the mother of boys and the sister of four male counterparts, my world has been full of the masculine.  I wasn’t sure how I would be with a granddaughter.  But, soon I started thinking of all the things we could do together.  I could finally go to the American Girl store!  I could have tea parties! I could buy her a little red velvet dress with a satin sash! 

My boys did have tea parties when they were little, but somehow I think a little girl’s tea party would be a little different.  More curling of the little finger and less of the banging dishes, making toasts with the cups.  More delicately serving the water in the little tea cups and less dumping water over the cups and drowning Goldfish crackers or graham crackers in the teapot. More quiet conversation and less boisterous excitement.  (A tea party with the boys sounds a little like a beer party!)

We stayed inside most of the time I was at Dave and Carlota’s.  Sunday afternoon we made sugar cookies.  Dave had requested that I bring my sugar cookie recipe along. Carlota had never made sugar cookies, so Dave and I educated her.

DSC01706 DSC01702

Dave said making the sugar cookies reminded him of the “smell of his childhood.”  He was very nostalgic that day.

DSC01707 I call this the “Martha Stewart Picture.”

Sunday evening we celebrated Carlota’s brother’s 23rd birthday.  Maggie came from Rockford and spent the night with us so we could leave Monday morning.  It was a fun time.  I also enjoyed traveling with Maggie.  The drive went by fast as we chatted about all sorts of things.  We made the mandatory stop at the Amanas in Iowa and bought some goodies and gifts.  The roads were clear for the most part and we were glad we hadn’t ventured out Sunday because there were many vehicles (we counted 25) still in the ditch, many of them wrecked or totalled.  Some of the vehicles were semi trucks that had jack knifed.  We weren’t sure what happened but apparently, the roads or driving conditions were pretty bad the day or night before in western Illinois and on into Iowa past Davenport.

Maggie and I plan to return to Illinois in a month or so.  She goes there frequently to visit friends in Rockford.  She and Bill lived in the area for nine years, so it’s still “home.” 

Now I need to start my Christmas cards!  I am getting a late start this year.  Usually, I get our cards out before we start receiving cards, but we have already gotten around 10 cards in the mail, so I must get on it!

I hope you are all enjoying the festivities of the season.  Let me know what’s going on in your lives!   



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