Hi, all!  I hope you had a nice Turkey Day!  I heard back from a few people who shared the activities of the day.

Dan Jacquot writes:

My wife Sandy and I  enjoyed another wonderful Thanksgiving. We did things a bit different this year by sharing with some that were far from where they consider home.  Since we are attending bible college (I know that this is hard to believe for many of you but With God anything is possible) here in Colorado Springs we have met several that would be without family this Thanksgiving.   Our guests were mostly students who attend Charis Bible College and employees at Andrew Wommack Ministries .  Some of our guests  started off the day by sharing their talents by  playing music  and serving  for the Salvation Army meal while we were preparing dinner at our home.  Our guests included from people Vermont Florida Chicago IL, Boston, MA  California, and Nairobi Kenya. Our oldest son Luke was with us as well and oldest daughter Lori, granddaughter Ashley and her friend arrived later for dessert.  Snow began to fall late in the afternoon to give us the perfect setting for the season.  We finished out the day (midnight) playing games and visiting.   I hope all of you enjoyed the day as much as we did.  It is my favorite holiday.
Just as many of you I enjoyed seeing the Colorado Buffaloes succumb to the Huskers as well as Mizzou being defeated by the Jay Hawks.
God’s Blessings to All,
Daniel J
Deb Govier sent an email about their busy day:
Hi Suz.  We shared our Thanksgiving with nineteen other family members.   This was the Joy/Lewis side of the family.  A second cousin from Wichita, Ks made his first visit to us.  He is 89 years young.  I must say that my dinner turned out to be fantastic.  We had the traditional turkey and dressing, ham and all the other fixings.  The guys played pool, watched TV and Frank took them on a tour of the farm.  The women worked in the kitchen, entertained the two little ones and enjoyed visiting.  I shared my current project with the family.  I am archiving all the old family photos onto the computer and had CD’s to share of what I have accomplished so far.  My uncle said he had not seen some of these old photos my mom had stored away for so many years.  I have pictures that go back to the Civil War.  The tin types I am having a photographer transfer onto CD’s.  These pictures are quite a family treasure.  We had fun trying to find any resemblances in current relatives.
What I am thankful for this year is discovering my cancer before it had spread.  Even though it is an agressive cancer the treatment available to me has great success in preventing the cancer from returning.  I feel very fortunate.  I am learning to take one day at a time!
We hope everyone had a happy holiday and we wish the best for the New Year.  Deb and Frank
Mike Goeden sent his regards:
Happy Turkey Day.  Ran(actually mostly walked) a 5 K (3.1) mile run in downtown Fredericksburg.  Couldn’t walk for the rest of the day, but it was fun.  Clydesdale division is for men 200+ lbs.  My mom and I did this last year and she finished 3rd in the 75-79 year old age group.  I took 6 minutes off of last years score.  Since the winning time was 14:39 by some Moroccan runners, I expect to be competing for the win in 10 years or so, if I continue to improve.

Results provided by Race Timing Unlimited. Full results at

Congratulations Michael Joe Goeden you finished the Turkey Trot 5 km on Nov 27, 2008 with a time of 00:49:37. You placed 1677 of 1816 runners, 830 of 874 Male runners and 52 of 57 in the Clydesdale division. You scored 2 Grand Prix points in this race. Weather on Race day was 38 degrees, sunny.

Kevin said his daughter was coming from Chicago to spendThanksgiving with them, but he expected a quiet day.

Lynne and I emailed quite a bit.  Her family was quickly there and gone.  She was able to help celebrate one of her grandson’s birthdays.  Lynne is writing some inspirationals and I am encouraging her to get them published.  I emailed some suggestions to her and she rewrote her story.  It is excellent and I wish her luck in getting it in print!

Vikki and I went back and forth.  I sent her news of the Bare Butt Bandit in Valentine being caught.  That produced some jokes back and forth, especially since Dennis happened to be in Valentine picking up his mom when they caught the guy!  I am sure the BBB is glad to be caught with winter setting on.  It would be very cold to continue his activity!  Vikki also let me know that the BBHS Kozies I’ve been sending people who have donated to the class fund cost her 20 cents in postage.  I apologize to all of you who had to pay extra postage because I only put one stamp on the envelope!  I will bring a roll of quarters to the reunion to pass out to people.

Jerry L sent an email before he left for the holiday to visit his youngest daughter in Florida. 

Have a good weekend and take care.  Beth and I are flying to our youngest daughters for Thanksgiving on Sunday and will be gone for about a week and a half.  This will be a good time to relax.   Jerry


As for me, we had a nice turkey dinner, ate too much and enjoyed each other’s company.  Dennis’ mom is here for a couple weeks, so she, Dennis, Mike and Joe were here for Thanksgiving.  That evening, Dennis and I took her downtown to the skating exhibition at the Civic Auditorium.  Several local skating groups perform to Christmas music.  It’s cute to see the little ones, some of whom are pretty wobbly on their skates.  Some of the older kids do real well.  Not quite Olympic caliber (or the Ice Capades) but it’s a fun, free event to start off the Christmas season.  Dennis’ mom enjoys it because she doesn’t have much opportunity to see something like that in Valentine.

I have much to be thankful for, including the friendship of all of you.  As Advent begins, I hope you all have time to enjoy the beauty of the Christmas season.  Happy Holidays!


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