Would You Invite This Person to YOUR Reunion?

DSC01640 Nana, nana, nana, nana, nana, nana, nana, nana, BAT MOM!

DSC01639 Happy Halloween!

Bat Mom was a hit at the office.  I carried my “Cooking with BAT-ter” cookbook, ready to beat up some Batter.  I wore a shawl this time because I’m getting a little older.  I’m more like BatGrandma.  (Actually, I lost my cape.  I couldn’t find my Batman shirt either.  I think I must have thrown them away after the flood or something.)  My lovely bat earrings, which can’t be seen in the picture, accented my eyeware and apparel.  My huge glasses are necessary because, as you know, bats are blind!  The antenna, though not usually found on real bats, provided the sonar needed so I didn’t bump into objects. 

Most everyone in the office dressed up.  We had a couple witches (we normally don’t have any witchy people in our office!), we had a couple pirates, an alligator, a cat (the cat had to watch out for the alligator so she didn’t get eaten.) and a hippie.  One of the doctors was a sheriff dressed in black, another was a pirate.  The doctor I work with showed up in an orange polo shirt and regular pants.  He said that was the best he could do.  So, I told him he could be one of the cell phone guys like Chad.  (If only he would’ve put some gel in his hair to make it stand up!) One of the nurses was a “retro girl” dressed like the 1980’s with leggings and a baggy cutoff sweatshirt like in Flashdance or Footloose.  Another nurse was a 1950’s girl with a poodle skirt.  We also had a Booster Mom, with lots of picture buttons of her kids and high school sports buttons.  Very cute!  Another nurse was an American Girl in a matching outfit with her American Girl doll.  Everyone looked great! 

Joe leaves for Des Moines this afternoon to see his friend who always has a big Halloween bash every year.  She just finished mortician school!  Anyway, Joe has a kilt and a sword and is going to dress up as William Wallace (“Braveheart”).  The party lasts all weekend!  I’m glad he is carpooling with his former roommate who is a very responsible person.

Mike is going to be a leprechaun tonight.  The band is playing for the football game, so their director told them to wear costumes since it’s Halloween.  (Burke [#5] is in the playoffs and is up against Bellevue West [#7] tonight.  Burke lost to Bellevue West during the regular season, so hopefully, they can redeem themselves tonight!) 

Mike and I were in Lincoln last night.  (Dennis was sick so couldn’t come with us.) We went to the Omaha World-Herald Honors dinner with UNL.  It was held at the Embassy Suites downtown.  Very nice.  I think around 400 kids from across the state were honored.


The Burke band received a Superior at State in Lincoln last weekend.  They had a great year, with all Superiors!  They placed 7th in the State and their drumline was #1. We band parents had an ice cream social for them Wednesday to celebrate.  Their performance this year was a real “crowd pleaser,” and it was fun to sit in the audience and hear the comments from non-Burke people.

They did “Crime Wave” which had very lively music.  At the beginning, the band (police) march the prisoners out. The prisoners are the drums and the flag girls dressed in orange.  A speaker gives an intro like on “Law and Order”…”In the criminal justice system…” The band puts the drums and flags in “jail”, a huge prop built by the parents.  The prisoners try to break out and finally do, when the band isn’t looking.  One of the flag girls, dressed up like a Keystone Kop, runs through the band, blowing her whistle and shaking the nightstick as the band marches in formations.  The drums and flags hide behind a graffiti-filled wall.  Then the band discovers them and the speaker says, “Come out with your hands up!”  The band hold their instruments like weapons.  The drums come out, doing their cadence.  It is a really fast and really cool!  Then everyone is marching around very quickly in many formations.  Before you know it, the prisoners have put the band in the jail! 


Drum line (#1 in the State)


Flags in jail


“Police” have weapons drawn


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