Halloween Costumes

Do you dress up for Halloween?  Since I am over 50 and going on 10, I do. 

At work, we were trying to decide about dressing up for Halloween. One pediatric office is dressing up using a “theme.”  They are wearing their old prom or bridesmaids dresses and will be beauty queens.  My old office did this a few years back, so I feel like this other office is “copying!”  (And I’m telling!)  It is a cute idea.  Our old office wore the dresses, sashes and tiaras.  The sashes said things like “Miss Communication,” “Miss Understood,”  “Miss Guided,” “Miss Informed,” etc.  It was fun.

Our office isn’t doing a theme.  We will each just pick something to wear.  Today one of the nurses said she might wear a pig’s snout and blanket and go as a pig-in-a-blanket.  She saw it on TV.  I am going to be Bat Mom.  I have decided to resurrect my old Bat Mom costume from years ago. 

When Joe was 3 years old (19 years ago!) he was a huge Batman fan.  He refused to answer to anything but “Bat Joe.”  If you called him just Joe, he totally ignored you.  Three-year-olds are fun that way.  He prefaced everything with “Bat.”  He called David, “Bat Dave,” Dennis was “Bat Dad,” he ate his “Bat lunch” and slept in his “Bat bed” which was in his “Bat room.”  Guess who he dressed up as for Halloween that year?!  It inspired me to dress as Bat Mom.  I got some bat earrings and a bat headband, the kind with the boingy bats on top.  I had a Batman t-shirt, found a long black skirt and made a Bat Mom apron.  It was pretty cute.  That night, little Bat Joe and his Bat Mom traveled the neighborhood, trick-or-treating, hand-in-hand.

A couple years ago when the White Sox won the World Series, I dressed as the White Sox.  I wore a sweatsuit that I covered with white gym sox.  I had on a Sox baseball cap and carried an inflatable bat.  One lady didn’t get it and asked if I was suppose to be a gym locker!  My boys were aghast because they are Cubs fans.

Aside: I believe I can be both a Cubs and a White Sox fan.  Mike tells me it’s impossible.  He says it’s like being for the Union and the Confederates in the Civil War. I think he’s nuts.  I do prefer the Cubs, but I root for the Sox, too.  

Another year I was a Catholic school girl with a plaid skirt, bobby sox, white blouse and a huge wig like the 1960’s.

Last year I had to do a flu clinic at work on Halloween.  I put on an old blonde mullet wig that one of my boys had for a previous Halloween and I found a big syringe and needle kind of like Steve Martin’s arrow-through-the-head prop.  It was fun to see the kids’ reactions when saw that needle sticking through my head.  I think the mullet startled them more than the syringe…although that syringe caused a lot of curiosity and concern!

Joe has outgrown his “Bat Days” although he still like to watch Super Hero movies like Batman, Spiderman, Iron Man, etc.  The boys are too old to trick-or-treat anymore (although I have to hide the candy until Halloween night or I won’t have any to hand out to the kids!)  I don’t put out all the decorations I used to when they were little, but I have a few knickknacks here and there to remind us of the season.  And I won’t be doing a flu clinic on Halloween this year and scaring children with needles.  But we will still turn our porch light on and wait for the ghosts and goblins to show up…and I will wear my Bat Mom apron and earrings. 

Tell me about your Halloween costumes! 


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