Beautiful Fall Day

We are having a beautiful fall day here.  I commented that I wish we could have weather like this all the time!  One of my friends said, “We don’t want that! Then everyone would want to live here!”

It has been a busy week and it’s barely half over.  Saturday was the parade and band competition in Columbus.  Mike’s band got a Superior!  They put on a great show (although Mike thought they made lots of mistakes.  I told him, “Apparently, the judges didn’t think so!”)  Now, it’s on to LINKS next week.

More marching Tuesday at the Omaha Marching Exhibition.  OME featured all the OPS schools.  It was a beautiful evening at Central High (after a raining day Monday).  A little on the nippy side, but I loved it!

Today was packed full for me.  I had to go to a meeting at work at 8 am, then it was off to speak at a church circle meeting.  I had a lot of fun with that!  I spoke in front of about 60 ladies.  I talked about being a writer, telling our stories, and topics of my stories.  I read them the canteen story from “Chicken Soup for the Veteran’s Soul” and gave them the background of how I happened to write that story.  I got a lot of positive feedback from the audience with that story.   Then, I read “The Letter,” a story in another anthology book about a premature baby I took care of many years ago.  I asked if they wanted to hear more stories, and they did.  Each time I thought I was going to wrap up my talk, they wanted to hear another story.  It was great!  I even sold a couple of the “Chicken Soup” books. (I don’t make much on those; just enough to cover the cost.  I charge less than retail price because I figure the people have had to listen to me drone on.)  My theme was it’s important to tell your stories.  So many kids today are getting their stories from the television, movies, computer, I-Pods, that they are missing out on all the wonderful family stories out there.  Do you remember sitting at your grandma’s knee and hearing all the great stories about growing up in the 1920’s, or the Depression stories or WWII?  Our stories are being lost, too.  Kids think the hippie era was like what they see on “That 70’s Show.”  Did we live like those kids do?  I don’t think so (unless I was in a different world at the time!)  I remember Mr. Hamlin telling us that, “Those who don’t learn history are doomed to repeat it.”  We need to let our children know about the past so they won’t repeat the same mistakes as generations before them did.

After my talk, I hurried back to the office because we were celebrating our first anniversary of the new computer system.  (It was my boss’ idea to recognize the day in some way.)  I made certificates for our Super Users and for the people who trained us.  It happens to be Yom Kippur today, too, so I mentioned we should all atone for our bad thoughts and curses toward the computer system!  My boss gave the Super Users and trainers flowers and I took a couple pictures while we ate cake.  (I used to work with one of the trainers.  She was a nurse at the other office with me.  She joked that she drove all the way out to our office and she wasn’t leaving without cake!)

Now, I am home and it’s a mess.  I didn’t have time to pick up much this morning, so dishes need done and things need put away.  But…instead I’m writing on the blog!  I have an appointment for a hair cut in 30 minutes anyway, so why bother doing chores yet?  Excuses, excuses.

I found time today to sign up for NaNoWriMo.  November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).  Writers from all over the world sign on to the website and try to write a 50,000 word novel in a month.  The quanity is important, not the quality!  The point is to sit down and write, or as one author says “Get your “BIC” (Butt in Chair)”  This will be my second attempt.  I am getting an earlier start, so that may help.  At least I signed up in October instead of the second week of November, so I should be ready to go Nov. 1.

One of the church ladies asked me today if I had a blog.  I told her, “Sort of.”  It gave me food for thought, that maybe I should set up a writing blog.  When the reunion is over next year, I don’t know if I will continue this or not, so if I had a second blog I devoted to writing, that may work out well.  What do you think? 

Keep those questionnaires and pictures coming!!




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