The questionnaires have been sent out and I am hearing back from people gradually.  I mailed 35 via US Mail and the rest were by email.  Thank you to Terry B for a couple more Senior pictures I needed.  Thank you to Sandy for her email address and another address.  So far, I have had one “Return to Sender” letter.  It was from Scott F.  If you have his current address, please let me know.  The reunion booklet is starting to take shape. 

Last weekend was River City Round Up and the Burke band played in the parade.  The parade used to be one of my favorites, but this year it was very disappointing.  There were lots of beautiful horses, as usual, but hardly any floats and only three bands!  Yutan, North High and Burke were the only bands in the parade.  Later, we found out that most of the area marching bands were in Sioux City at a competition!  We weren’t too happy to hear that!  Now the other schools have a “leg up” on us! The slide show above is of the parade.

Burke’s first competition is Columbus this weekend.  The band will march in the parade in the morning, then compete in the afternoon.  It will be the first time we see their entire performance.  They did part of it at a football game a couple weeks ago and it looked good.  It’s a “cops and robbers” theme and the music they play is called “Crime Wave.” 

Mike has been receiving offers from colleges because he is a National Merit Scholarship semifinalist.  We are amazed at all the colleges that are sending him offers for scholarships! And he hasn’t even begun to apply for scholarships!  Mike, his girlfriend, her mom and I are going to Lincoln Friday for the Red Letter Day.  It’s an all-day event where we tour the college and find out about all the activities, programs, and campus life at UNL.  Then, the end of October, Mike, Dennis and I will be attending a special dinner they have for Honor students from across the state.  I don’t know where Mike gets his “smarts!”  I tease that aliens came to Earth and took my “real son,” leaving Alien Mike behind.  Mike is in the top 6% of his class. He told me the other day that a friend was teasing him that, if he had Chris’s mother, he would #1 in the class!  Apparently, her mother really pushes her and even helps her with her homework, making sure she’s on track.  I said, “Yea, blame your mother!  It’s always the mother’s fault!”  Unfortunately, Mike inherited my procrastination gene because he would have even better grades if he turned everything in on time!  Again…the mother’s fault!

Keep those questionnaires and pictures coming!!


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