Pre-Reunion Required Viewing

 I turned on the television this morning and the movie on TBS was “Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion.”  I had seen parts of the movie before, but never the entire film, so I sat and watched it.  I think it should be required viewing for anyone going to a class reunion!  It is so funny!


Romy (Mira Sorvino) and Michele (Lisa Kudrow) are two ditzy blondes who find out that their 10th year class reunion from Sagebrush High in Tucson is going to take place.  They graduated in 1987. They are single and roommates, friends all their lives.  As they are filling out the reunion questionnaire, they decide that they can’t put down that Michele is unemployed and that Romy is a receptionist at an auto business.  Romy thinks they should lie or at least stretch the truth a bit.  She says, “What’s the point in going [to the reunion] if we can’t impress people?”  She adds, “All we need are better jobs and boyfriends.”  Michele replies, “If it is so easy, wouldn’t we already have jobs and boyfriends?”  Romy says they have never had a reunion to motivate them! So, they decide to lose weight, get jobs and boyfriends.  The reunion is in two weeks, so they have to really hustle to do these things.  After a week of searching, dieting and exercise, they give up.  Romy says, “We can go to the reunion and pretend to be successful!”

In the movie, they have flashbacks to their high school days.  Reminiscing brings back some painful memories, especially in connection with the “A Group” (four popular girls) and the crush Romy has on Billy Christenson, the jock.  Michele had to wear a back brace for scoliosis in high school and the leader of the A Group did cruel things like attach magnets to her back when Michele wasn’t looking.  Romy and Michele took things in stride and didn’t let the A Group get them down.  As they reminisce, they realize that it hurt to be teased, but they had each other, so it didn’t matter.

When they go to the reunion, they decide to tell people they are successful businesswomen and that they invented Post-Its.  They get into an argument on the way because Romy said she invented the Post-Its. Michele is sick of being second-best, so they break up their friendship.  At the reunion, the A Group is together, all three pregnant.  The leader of the group recognizes Romy and says, “You’re the chubby girl.”  Romy retorts that she hasn’t been chubby in a long time and points out their pregnancies, saying they must really feel tied down.  She tells them she invented Post-Its then another classmate (Heather Mooney, a “Goth” type person) comes along and says, “No, you didn’t.”  Romy is embarassed and Michele comes to her rescue.  They decide they are friends again. 

Romy says, “All I ever wanted was for people to think we are better than we were in high school.”  Michele answers very insightfully, “I never knew we weren’t that great until you told me.”  Instead of leaving the reunion, humiliated, they decide to make the best of things and have fun.  They shed their business suits and put on bright, shiny short dresses.  The A Group is surprised that they came back.

Anyway, Heather, the Goth girl who invented fast burning cigarette paper, told Romy and Michele, “I thought you had it made in high school.”  She says Michele made her life hell in high school because she had a crush on the Sandy Freek, the nerdy guy, and Sandy liked Michele who totally ignored him.  Michele answers, “I’ll bet, in high school, everyone made someone’s life Hell.”

The movie is full of cliques such as the nerdy guy turns out to the most successful guy in the class and he takes Michele and Romy home in his helicopter.  The popular jock turns out to be a drunk lech.  Several cliques like that. 

Even though it is silly and full of cliques (and is a “chick flick”) I still think it’s fun and has some thought-provoking moments.  It is “R” rated for language, but if you see it on TV all that is taken out.  But if you rent the DVD…

Anyway, I think it’s a fun movie to watch and think about before our reunion. 



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