Retro Day

I feel SO YOUNG today!  After taking my son to band camp this morning, I headed to the gas station at HyVee.  I had a “gas buster” coupon that expired today so, if I was going to use it, I had to fill up today.  (HyVee gives gas coupons when you buy certain items.  Apparently, I bought some fresh peaches last week which generated a 20 cents a gallon coupon.) The tank was almost empty, so the timing was good.  Today was the first time in several months that it took less than $40 to fill my tank!  I paid $3.38 a gallon!  Wow!

Then, I went to Target to buy a baby gift and various sundries.  I saw a bottle of margaritas on sale (the mix with the tequila already in it.)  It sounded good, so I bought it.  At the checkout, the clerk asked for my ID!  It’s been about 30 years since I’ve been carded!  Apparently, Target has a policy now that they have to see the driver’s license of anyone buying alcohol.  I prefer to think it was my youthful appearance that prompted the request for my ID. 

So, I have a spring in my step and a youthful glow, at least for the next few hours until the arthritic knee kicks in.

Our middle son, Joe,  moved back home last week.  He is likely to be our boarder for the next several months.  I think we have most of his stuff hidden away for now.  I cleared out a closet that had some of David’s stuff in it and we will take it to Chicago with us when we visit next week.  I was able to move some of Joe’s stuff into that room since we sold the bunk beds and the closet had room.  For some reason, our boys seem to think they can just integrate their kitchen stuff in with mine.  I told Joe “I don’t need two George Foreman grills, two microwaves, two sets of silverware in the kitchen!”  After he had cluttered the already cluttered cupboards with his stuff, Dennis and I grabbed a box and put his stuff in the basement.  At least, Joe didn’t have any foodstuffs.  When Dave moved back in a few years ago, I ended up with extra chili powder, hot sauce, A-1, salad dressings, all kinds of seasonings and spices.  (Dave fancied himself a gourmet cook at the time.)  I still have extra spices and condiments packed in the cupboard from David.   

It will be nice to have Joe here, though.  He will housesit while we’re gone to Chicago.  The cats like having him here because they get more attention now. 

Another classmate has joined Xanga.  Jerry Coryell now joins us along with Dan Jacquot, Cheryl, Janice, Bill and Linda.  They don’t have much on their sites yet, but I am encouraging everyone to put a little bit in their profile section and maybe blog a line or two once or twice a week.  Those of you who haven’t tried it yet, consider setting up your own blog.  It’s free and it’s easy to do.  It may take a little time to set it up at first, but then it hardly takes any time at all after that.  It’s just like writing an email.

I hope you have a youthful spring in your step today!  Keep in touch!


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