We now have three classmates (that I know of) that have xanga blogs.  Bill Fann just subscribed to xanga and joined my “Circle.”  Cheryl and Janice also have blogs, but haven’t been real active on their sites yet.  It would be fun if we could get most of our class on xanga and communicate with each other.  So far, it has been pretty one-sided with me doing all the “talking.”  It’s easy to use the blog.  The most time-consuming part is setting it up.  You don’t need to be real elaborate, though.  It’s free, too.  I have kind of learned as I’ve gone along.  So, why not try it yourself?  Give it a shot.  You might enjoy it!

Last weekend I helped with the Junior Olympics at Burke High School. The Olympics started Tuesday and ran through Sunday (July 22-27).  It was the track and field Olympics for the younger kids (grade school through teens).  People were here from all over.  We saw cars in the parking lot from Texas, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Florida, California, Nevada, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, New York, and Minnesota.  There were several out-of-state buses, too.  I couldn’t believe some people drove that far! Burke has a nice, new track and several athletes commented on how soft it was and great to run on.  The Burke band had a booth there along with several other local organizations.  It was like a little food court only outside in tents!  We sold frozen lemonade, Little King sandwiches and cotton candy at our booth.  By Sunday the cotton candy machine was broken, so I didn’t have to deal with that! It was a lot easier just selling frozen lemonade and pre-made sandwiches.  The lemonade was a big seller!  The parents and band kids worked in shifts.  Mike and Anna signed up for Sunday afternoon, so I did, too.  It was fun working with them.  I mainly manned the cash drawer and they took the orders.  It worked out well.  I enjoyed seeing all the athletes and their parents and coaches.  It was fun to think we might be serving frozen lemonade to a future Olympian.

Joe has been moving home this week.  His lease is up today (August 1st).  His roommate is taking over the lease and his girlfriend is moving in, so Joe is out.  He will stay with us until he can find a place of his own.  He is hoping to find a studio apartment he can afford.  I sold our bunk beds on Craig’s List the other day so we would have room for his stuff.  I told Dennis we could leave his bed unassembled since we have an extra bed here for him already.  I thought if we didn’t put it together, it would seem more temporary!  Well, the joke’s on me!  Joe is putting his bed from the apartment together because his friend, Nick, is coming down from Minnesota today and he will sleep in Joe’s bed.  I feel like I’m running a boarding house here!  I just went upstairs and I saw that Joe has already put up posters on the wall, so it looks like he plans to stay awhile.

Nick will be visiting for five days.  He and Joe have been friends since high school.  Nick was the first person he met after we moved back from Chicago.  Nick moved to Minnesota their Senior year, but the two guys have remained in contact and see each other every few months.  Nick is a good kid and we enjoy him.  I’m sure they will be busy this weekend!  We may not see much of either one of them while Nick is here.

Please consider signing on as a blogger.  It would be nice to have input from other classmates, especially as it gets closer to reunion time and planning our gatherings.  To Bill, Jan and Cheryl, I would encourage you to start posting on your blogs.  If you have any questions about how to do this, email me and I can help. 

Stay cool!     


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