Pictures from the Storm

Power out storm A friend of mine e-mailed these pictures taken during the storm that resulted in our prolonged power outage.  It was pretty dark when the rain and hail came, so it did look like night.  I remember an orange hue to the skies, but not as vivid as the pictures show. (Of course, that was about the time we ran to the basement!) For the details of the storm, read the entry below this one…July 2 “No Power.”

June afternoon Lightening June 27

The Olympic swim trials were taking place at the QWest Center (2nd picture above) and there was concern that the roof was damaged.  Apparently, it wasn’t enough to postpone the trials.

Mike and Anna had an opportunity to go to the swim trials on Sunday.  It was pretty exciting, they said.  They got to see Dara Torres win.  Mike said Bob Costas was interviewing Michael Phelps less than 10′ from them. 

We went to Bill and Maggie Fann’s for the Fourth.  We spent the evening eating, playing croquet and watching fireworks from their deck.  It was pretty nice!  Maggie and Bill are great hosts and we had a wonderful time.

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