Friends and Family

First of all, I want to thank Bill Fann and Craig Lacy for their very generous donations to the class fund.  We appreciate your support.  If any of you still wish to donate, it’s not too late!  Write your checks to “Class of ’69” and send them to Mike Bell.

This was a weekend to celebrate friends and family.

Our friend, Gene, came down from Valentine for the weekend.  He was kind enough to bring Dennis’ mom with him.  We had a nice visit with her.  Friday and Saturday nights we took Gene to the Brazen Head to see our favorite Irish band, “Ellis Island.”  We had a great time.  Friday night was raucous and loud with lots of audience participation.  The place was packed due to a class reunion in the party room.  The reunion people could hear how much fun we were having, so they came out and joined us once in awhile.  Saturday was much more subdued.  It was a small but intimate crowd.  With the College World Series in town, most businesses were a little on the slow side since a lot of people were at the ballfield.

Sunday was Father’s Day.  We took Dennis out to lunch and showered gifts on him.  After lunch, he, Gene and Mike went out to play miniature golf.  I stayed home with Grandma. 

Tonight I met Deb G at the Upstream after I got off work.  She was in town for the day.  We had dinner and caught up on family news.  We reminisced a bit when Deb brought out the pictures she had for me.  Get a load of this one!  Do you recognize the beautiful young girls?   *(Hint: Deb is not one of them.  She took the picture.)

Deedee, Paula, Susan

This is an example of the kind of picture you can send for the DVD.  They don’t have to be this old, but it’s fun to have a few like this.  Send ones of your weddings, your babies/kids, your fun trips, whatever you can come up with. 

Keep your family and friends close.  They are more important than any possession.  I am glad to have known all of you (and continue to hear from you!)  My life is richer because of the people I’ve had in my life.  (Does it sound like I had a beer at the Upstream?  “I love you, man!”  I only had one beer, though, so this isn’t alcohol talk! )



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