Tornado Weather

The tornado sirens went off at 2:00 am this morning.  Dennis and I were sleeping and didn’t even hear them until Mike came in to our room and told us the sirens were sounding.  So, we ran downstairs.  Our basement is in disarray from the rainwater we had a couple weeks ago.  We haven’t put things back yet, so the television was up in Mike’s room.  I ran back upstairs and took the little TV out of the kitchen, grabbed my blood pressure pills just in case we were hit and hurried back to the basement.  I could hear a big thunderstorm outside, but no freight train sounds.  While Mike was trying to find something on the radio, Dennis and I hooked up the little TV.  None of the television stations had anything but the little alert line on the bottom of the screen, saying we were in a tornado WATCH!  Finally, Channel 7 broke into the normal programming and reported that a tornado had touched down near 132 & Harrison in Millard.  Also, a possible tornado was near 120 & Blondo. It took forever to find anything out.  The reporter mentioned that since it was night, it is harder to spot funnel clouds. 

I remembered from the big Omaha tornado in 1975, that it was real quiet just before the tornado hit.  Back then, we were having a huge storm with thunder and lightning, hail and rain.  Then suddenly,  it became very quiet.  It was quiet for a couple minutes, then the “freight train” sound came.  So, last night I kept listening for the quiet.  The “lull before the storm,” I guess.  It never happened, thank the Lord!  After awhile, the weather map showed the storm was in Iowa.  The sirens turned off and we tried to go back to bed and sleep.  Needless to say, we didn’t get much sleep last night.  We were in the basement for at least an hour, so we still weren’t asleep around 3:30 or 4:00.  Yawn!
On Sundays,  Dennis and I like to watch the Sunday Morning show on CBS at 8:00.  We turned on the TV this mornng, and the local station had pre-empted Sunday Morning with reports about the tornadoes.   (I thought, “Where were you guys last night when we needed you?!”)  They reported from Millard where most of the damage was done.  They showed one neighborhood where the roofs were blown off the houses.  The houses were raised ranch style, but they all were flat on top.  The roofs were gone.  The reporter interviewed one lady who said she woke up when her ceiling collapsed on her.  She and her husband ran to get the three children.  (They have little ones.)  The woman said all of the children slept through the entire ordeal.  When they rushed in the baby’s room to get their 8-month-old baby, she was in the crib with a blanket over her head.  The blanket had been at the foot of the crib, hanging over the side of the crib, when they put her to bed last night.  When the ceiling collapsed, the blanket had covered the baby, protecting it, head to toe.  Debris was in the crib, but the baby was untouched.  The babe was still asleep.  The mother said the blanket must have blown over the baby’s head.   It was such a miracle.  I think the baby’s guardian angel covered her and protected her from harm. 
Our area of town was untouched except for the rain and wind.  There are some small branches down, but nothing like they have further south.  We are so grateful that no one was harmed or killed.  We hope the people whose neighborhoods were damaged are able to get the help and support they need to rebuild.  Hopefully, this will be the worst of our storms this summer, but one never knows!
I want to apologize for my cavalier attitude in some of the past blog entries.  Sometimes I take my “creative license” a little too far and overdo the teasing.  Please forgive some of my “colorful” descriptions.  I enjoy writing, but  I need to remember not to write at the expense of others.  In the future I plan to be more careful and if there are any jokes to tell, they will be at my expense, not others!    


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