News From Classmates

Thank you to Jodene Johnson Taylor for her recent donation to the class fund!  We appreciate the generosity of all those who have contributed.

Good news! Craig L is OK.  His house has not floated down the Mississippi. 

Craig lives at Port Bryon, Illinois, a town on the Mighty Miss.  He tells me he is on high ground, although some other people he knows are not so lucky.  We are glad that Craig is staying above water,  He writes:

I’m located right in the middle of where it’s all happening, but luckily I live just up above the river, a little over a 1/2 mile.  Several homes are damaged within the community I reside in.  We’ve had no rain since Sunday, however the rainfall from up above towards the WI & MN state line continued to pour into the Mississippi, creating an abnormal rise in the flood stage. 

Luckily we don’t have the tornadic weather like on the plains & prairies of OK, KS & NE, we do however have a lot of cloudy days where the weather pattern follows the river, which leads to attitude depravation.  When it nice, it’s a very beautiful part of the country.  However no plans of retiring here.
A couple states away, Dan Jacquot is moving into a new house.  He and Sandy found a house in Colorado Springs after looking around for awhile.  He writes: 

6/19/08 We are kind of living in the mess!  It has a large unfinished room in the basement so that is our temporary quarters.  We bought a foreclosure that had heavy smokers in it.   We washed down all of the walls several times.  Original inside color was white but it had turned yellow with tar.  After prepping for 2 days we sprayed kilz on the walls yesterday ending at 3AM. (Yawn) Today we will finish with the kilz and get ready to paint.  Hopefully carpet next week.

(6/21) Today final coat of paint goes on the living room.  My sons Luke and John are both helping along with nephew Brian.  Jessica our 2nd daughter flew in from LA last night with Felicity 8 year old grandaughter.  Felicity will be staying with us for about 6 weeks and then she in going back to LA.  We are so fortunate to do this almost every summer.  Jessica has to return on Monday.  She Just opened a new branch for Citi Financial closer to her home. She was managing the largest LA branch before opening this one.  Her husband is a Coast Guard rescue pilot. Does alot of stuff with Bay Watch and  the Beach patrol. Exicting life but they realy do not like LA.  They have about a year left before his tour is up.

As for me, I am keeping busy.  I spent part of the morning visiting with Maggie Fann who was here with Bill who was having surgery.  While he was under the knife, I hung out with Maggie, talked and drank coffee and lemonade.  One of the nurses I used to work with in NICU, a very good friend of mine, happened to be on duty at the Outpatient Surgery Center, so we chatted a bit, too.  Her name is also Maggie!  She is our oldest son’s godmother.  We have been friends for over 30 years. 

I have also been a taxi driver today, taking Mike to band at 8:00, picking him up at 9:00, taking him to work at 10:00, picking him up at 1:00.  I will be taking him back to work at 4:00 as he is working a double shift today.

We went to Shakespeare-on-the-Green Sunday and saw “Much Ado About Nothing.”  It was very good and quite funny.  Mike and Anna got there early and staked out our places with blankets.  Anna’s folks were also there.  They are quite the S-O-T-G buffs.  They have been going to the plays for many, many years.  They also bring special picnic dinners to eat prior to the play.  (Dennis and I eat at home and bring popcorn.  We’re amateurs!)  Anyway, I took some pictures.  Anna brought bubbles, so we had a rather festive evening.

(The first picture shows Jake, Anna’s brother, on the far left, looking back at Anna.  Dennis is behind Jake.  Anna’s mom is in glasses, hair tied back, leaning forward.  Her dad is the bearded one.  Anna and Mike are behind her dad.)

Reeds & Bristols  Bubble, bubble  toil & Trouble


Friends and Family

First of all, I want to thank Bill Fann and Craig Lacy for their very generous donations to the class fund.  We appreciate your support.  If any of you still wish to donate, it’s not too late!  Write your checks to “Class of ’69” and send them to Mike Bell.

This was a weekend to celebrate friends and family.

Our friend, Gene, came down from Valentine for the weekend.  He was kind enough to bring Dennis’ mom with him.  We had a nice visit with her.  Friday and Saturday nights we took Gene to the Brazen Head to see our favorite Irish band, “Ellis Island.”  We had a great time.  Friday night was raucous and loud with lots of audience participation.  The place was packed due to a class reunion in the party room.  The reunion people could hear how much fun we were having, so they came out and joined us once in awhile.  Saturday was much more subdued.  It was a small but intimate crowd.  With the College World Series in town, most businesses were a little on the slow side since a lot of people were at the ballfield.

Sunday was Father’s Day.  We took Dennis out to lunch and showered gifts on him.  After lunch, he, Gene and Mike went out to play miniature golf.  I stayed home with Grandma. 

Tonight I met Deb G at the Upstream after I got off work.  She was in town for the day.  We had dinner and caught up on family news.  We reminisced a bit when Deb brought out the pictures she had for me.  Get a load of this one!  Do you recognize the beautiful young girls?   *(Hint: Deb is not one of them.  She took the picture.)

Deedee, Paula, Susan

This is an example of the kind of picture you can send for the DVD.  They don’t have to be this old, but it’s fun to have a few like this.  Send ones of your weddings, your babies/kids, your fun trips, whatever you can come up with. 

Keep your family and friends close.  They are more important than any possession.  I am glad to have known all of you (and continue to hear from you!)  My life is richer because of the people I’ve had in my life.  (Does it sound like I had a beer at the Upstream?  “I love you, man!”  I only had one beer, though, so this isn’t alcohol talk! )


Tornado Weather

The tornado sirens went off at 2:00 am this morning.  Dennis and I were sleeping and didn’t even hear them until Mike came in to our room and told us the sirens were sounding.  So, we ran downstairs.  Our basement is in disarray from the rainwater we had a couple weeks ago.  We haven’t put things back yet, so the television was up in Mike’s room.  I ran back upstairs and took the little TV out of the kitchen, grabbed my blood pressure pills just in case we were hit and hurried back to the basement.  I could hear a big thunderstorm outside, but no freight train sounds.  While Mike was trying to find something on the radio, Dennis and I hooked up the little TV.  None of the television stations had anything but the little alert line on the bottom of the screen, saying we were in a tornado WATCH!  Finally, Channel 7 broke into the normal programming and reported that a tornado had touched down near 132 & Harrison in Millard.  Also, a possible tornado was near 120 & Blondo. It took forever to find anything out.  The reporter mentioned that since it was night, it is harder to spot funnel clouds. 

I remembered from the big Omaha tornado in 1975, that it was real quiet just before the tornado hit.  Back then, we were having a huge storm with thunder and lightning, hail and rain.  Then suddenly,  it became very quiet.  It was quiet for a couple minutes, then the “freight train” sound came.  So, last night I kept listening for the quiet.  The “lull before the storm,” I guess.  It never happened, thank the Lord!  After awhile, the weather map showed the storm was in Iowa.  The sirens turned off and we tried to go back to bed and sleep.  Needless to say, we didn’t get much sleep last night.  We were in the basement for at least an hour, so we still weren’t asleep around 3:30 or 4:00.  Yawn!
On Sundays,  Dennis and I like to watch the Sunday Morning show on CBS at 8:00.  We turned on the TV this mornng, and the local station had pre-empted Sunday Morning with reports about the tornadoes.   (I thought, “Where were you guys last night when we needed you?!”)  They reported from Millard where most of the damage was done.  They showed one neighborhood where the roofs were blown off the houses.  The houses were raised ranch style, but they all were flat on top.  The roofs were gone.  The reporter interviewed one lady who said she woke up when her ceiling collapsed on her.  She and her husband ran to get the three children.  (They have little ones.)  The woman said all of the children slept through the entire ordeal.  When they rushed in the baby’s room to get their 8-month-old baby, she was in the crib with a blanket over her head.  The blanket had been at the foot of the crib, hanging over the side of the crib, when they put her to bed last night.  When the ceiling collapsed, the blanket had covered the baby, protecting it, head to toe.  Debris was in the crib, but the baby was untouched.  The babe was still asleep.  The mother said the blanket must have blown over the baby’s head.   It was such a miracle.  I think the baby’s guardian angel covered her and protected her from harm. 
Our area of town was untouched except for the rain and wind.  There are some small branches down, but nothing like they have further south.  We are so grateful that no one was harmed or killed.  We hope the people whose neighborhoods were damaged are able to get the help and support they need to rebuild.  Hopefully, this will be the worst of our storms this summer, but one never knows!
I want to apologize for my cavalier attitude in some of the past blog entries.  Sometimes I take my “creative license” a little too far and overdo the teasing.  Please forgive some of my “colorful” descriptions.  I enjoy writing, but  I need to remember not to write at the expense of others.  In the future I plan to be more careful and if there are any jokes to tell, they will be at my expense, not others!    

June is Bustin’ Out All Over

June Birthdays and Anniversaries

1 anniversary—Bristol 1974

2 anniversary–Littlejohn 1973

7 anniversary—CJ Anderson 1973

12 anniversary—Sennett 1994

20 Rick Horn


Summer is here. Once again we went from cold temperatures to the heat of summer!  Our spring weather is much too short!  I think I can count on one hand the number of days we had temperatures between 50-65 degrees.  One day it’s 48 degrees, then VOOM! It’s 85 and humid.  This weekend it was 95 degrees here, and with all the rain, it was very sticky. 


We had a nice anniversary this weekend.  It was rather low-key, but relaxing.  Joe, our middle son, took us out to dinner Sunday night.  We heard from our Chicago boy and, of course, Mike was around. 


I woke up June 1st thinking of all the people who were at our wedding that are now gone…my mom died two months after we got married. My youngest brother, Charlie, was killed in a car accident a year later (1975).  Mary, my best friend and maid-of-honor, and her husband were killed in the Mexico City earthquake in 1985.  Her mother, Betty, who later became my best friend, died four years ago at the age of 84.   My brother, Floyd, had a heart attack in 1986 at age 40.  My college friend, Bill, took his life four years ago.  And Dennis’ dad who died a couple years ago of lung cancer.  It was a rather sad way to begin the day. Then I thought of all the people who are still in my life and all who have come into my life since June 1, 1974.  I have been so blessed to have so many wonderful people around me.  I am especially blessed to have three wonderful sons and a great husband who has put up with me for 34 years.


I joke that Dennis is such a man of habit, that he won’t leave me because it would disrupt his routine.  It would be ‘way too much trouble to go through a separation.  So, he puts up with me.  (He says the same about me. Although I’m not sure I’m such a creature of habit.)  We are the opposites that attract, I guess.  Just like the poles on magnets, the pull is too strong to can’t break apart.   


Being a June bride, I love this month.  I have come up with a silly contest at work for June.  Since I have always been interested in how people met their spouses or significant others, I am creating a “How I Met My Spouse/SO” contest.  I have asked my coworkers how they met, then I am condensing their stories into one-liners.  They will guess who fits each one-liner.  Whoever guesses the most right will get a little prize.  We will eat wedding cake and have party favors when I reveal the correct answers to the contest.  We are also bringing our wedding pictures to compare styles, colors, etc. of each “era.”  It is a fun way to find out more about the people we work with and to build camaraderie. 


Since Dennis and I met in college, but didn’t like each other for a long time, I always think it’s fun to find out how people met and why they ended up getting married.  Our case is still a mystery to me!  I suppose that’s why I find other people’s stories interesting. 


Dennis and I met at a dorm meeting.  Our dorm complex was going to start a newsletter.  Of course, anything to do with writing, and I’m there!  Dennis was there because he had the keys to the equipment room–where the copy machine was.  When we met, it was instant dislike.  He thought I was too much of a “party girl” and I thought he was the biggest nerd.  He was too serious about everything and he definitely followed the rules.  When you dislike someone, you know everything that is wrong about them–all their faults. 


Dennis and I had many mutual friends, though, so we were often in the same group.  After awhile, we began to tolerate each other.  I found out that he could be useful.  He ran the front desk at his dorm and I started working switchboard at my dorm.  When I became supervisor, the equilavent of what he did at his dorm, I discovered Dennis knew things and knew people that would be useful to me in my job.  So, I turned to him for help.  Eventually, we developed a friendship.  When you have a friendship, you realize the person has faults, but also good points.


Finally, we started going out alone together instead of with a bunch of friends.  Our first “date” was to the State Fair to see Glen Campbell.  Dennis had two tickets and I was actually his second choice.  He called the dorm while I was working to see if one of the Student Assts would go out with him.  He asked me if I thought Lynn, who had recently broken up with her boyfriend, would go to the concert with him.  Ever the philosopy of “you never know unless you try,” I said, “Why not call her and see?”  (Remember the old switchboards with all the wires and plugs?)  I plugged into Lynn’s phone and rang her.  A few minutes later, the switchboard lit up again.  It was Dennis again.  Lynn had turned him down.  “Do you want to go see Glen Campbell at the fair?” he asked me.  I went and the rest is history.         


So, I always tell my single friends not to believe in the Cinderella story or the knight in shining armor.  Do it my way and dislike the guy first, finding out all his faults, then become friends and discover his good qualities, then fall in love.  It has worked for me for over 34 years!