Flood in Cozad

I just heard from Terry Brand and Vikki Dickinson about the horrible flood in Cozad and Lex this Memorial Day.  Here is the article from the online TriCity Tribune.  Terry sent pictures that his son took of the devastation.  Terry’s son is a supervisor at Tyson Foods in Lexington.

Torrential rainfall creates misery (From Tri City Tribune)
Major water problems

     Rain, hail and strong winds created major havoc in Dawson County Thursday though Saturday.

     Cozad and Lexington, in report comparisons, got the ‘blunt end’ of the storm with rainfall amounts ranging upwards to 11″ and winds that soared up to 70 miles per hours.

     Streets were flooded, basement and bi-level homes were severely damaged, power supplies were interupted, some accidents were reported, a few fires resulted and many residents fled their homes seeking shelter in motels and with relatives and friends.

     Water in Cozad homes with basements ranged upwards form inches to several feet. That forced many residents to move furniture and other items outdoors and in other storage places. Sump pumps and portable pumps were activated early to prevent additional damage.

     Cozad residents were also alerted to conserve the use of water because of heavy demands at the sewer treatment plant. Residents were asked to restrict the water for washing clothes and other purposes.

     Streets were flooded throughout Cozad, particularly in the southeast, southwest, south, 12th and 18th street areas. Blockades were placed at many locations because traffic was pushing water back into homes.

     An emergency center was put into operation by Mayor Greg Tetley at the municipal offices to assist residents with problems.

     A meteorologist with the National Weather Service Office in Hastings said that Cozad recorded 7.25 inches of rain over the period.

     Near Cozad, the Platte River exceeded its flood stage and parts of Hiways 30 and 281 were covered with standing water. All non-hard surfaced county roads in the Cozad region were closed Friday and Saturday.

     At Lexington an emergency shelter was opened late Friday at the Senior  Center to accommodate many residents who were forced to  evacuate their homes because of standing water. Buildings, particularly on the west edge of the city, were the hardest hit.

     Flooding was excessive in the Plum Creek Market/Burger King area in south Lexington, while streets in many other areas were overflowing too.

     A water restriction request was also made in Lexington.

     Some power outages were reported in the Lexington area too.

     Nearby communities of Eustis and Farnam faced severe consequences too. A water restriction was requested at Eustis.

     In Farnam high water threatened several commercial locations, particularly the veterinary clinic owned by Dr. Kent and Marilyn Pieper. Crews of sandbaggers responded to keep flood waters form damaging the facility.

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Our prayers go out to all that suffered from this catastrophe.  


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