Wanted: Pictures

We are still collecting pictures for the class reunion DVD.  Please send them ASAP.  We would like to have 5-6 pictures, representing the past 40 years of your life.  Even if you are unable to attend the reunion, please SEND PICTURES!  It would be great to have 100% participation! 

THANK YOU to Doug Ferguson for his recent contribution to the class fund.  It’s not too late to send your check to Mike Bell.  Make the check out to “Class of ’69.”  Thank you to Mike for managing that account for us.

We had a nice Memorial Day weekend.  Dave and Carlota came from Chicago.  It was great to see them again.  We had a rather lowkey weekend, which was fine with Dave and Carlota.  They said it was nice just to relax.   We spent Monday doing various things.  We went to the botanical gardens (over by the zoo) and saw the trains. After that we had ice cream at Zesto’s, one of the mainstays during the College World Series.  It’s a little 1950’s ice cream place.  Later, we played miniature golf and went to the batting cages.  Then we ate dinner at Sgt. Peffer’s in Millard.  It was a fun day and we didn’t get rained on.

Boys at the train  Ice cream at Zestos on Memorial Day

The train exhibit near the botanical gardens                  Ice cream at Zesto’s

Mike & Carlota minigolfing Batting

Mike and Carlota golfing                                       Batting cages (Mike in helmet, Joe & Dave outside)



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