Wanted: Pictures and Information

Hi, everyone!  Most of you received an e-mail from me recently regarding the questionnaire for the class booklet.  I will e-mail or snail mail the questionnaires, whichever you prefer.  I have already sent some out via e-mail.  I would like to get those back sometime towards the end of June.  

We also want pictures!  Please send at least 5-6 pictures of you, past and current.  They can be pictures from high school, college, weddings, vacations, family portraits, whatever.  Pictures from past reunions would be fun to include in the DVD as well.  For the booklet, we will likely use the class picture and possibly a current picture, depending on space and appearance.  We don’t want to overdo the booklet, especially since we will have the DVD available. 

If you have any clever cartoons or humorous antecdotes re: high school, please send them as well.  We plan to interject some humor in the booklet such as the “forward” Dorsett sent me awhile back.  (See blog entry JULY 18, 2007.) The humor used will not be at the expense of anyone in the class.  Self-effacement is welcome, though.

If you want to mail your photos, I can scan them and return them to you via US mail.  If you have the ability to scan, though, I would prefer receiving pictures by e-mail.  Please resize them so they aren’t humongous and take forever to download.

I want to apologize for forgetting to put last month’s birthdays in an entry.  April and May Birthdays were/are:      


7 Lana Pleak

17 anniversary –Rosentreader 1971

18 Tom Cordell



3 Shelley Shonkwiler

29 anniversary—Shonkwiler 1971

29 Sonia Richeson

 Let me know if I am missing YOUR birthday!  

I am recovering from my accident last week.  My bruises are now the ugly green-purple dotted appearance.  The ones on my chest from the “airbag” are the worst.  (I put “airbag” in quotations marks because it is a misnomer.  What came out of those bags when they deployed was not “air,” but foul-smelling, hard-to-breathe, smoky, nasty fumes.)  I have a good sized bruise on my left elbow from who-knows-what as well as a sore shoulder.  All are intact, though, and moveable.  I feel very fortunate that my injuries were not any worse.  I am thankful for the foul-smelling, smoky “airbags.”  It is much better than my head going through the windshield! 

We purchased a “new” vehicle.  I am now driving a 2006 Saturn Vue.  I teased my guys that it is a rather “manly” car with black leather and wood grain interior.  I told them I needed to buy some flowery seatcovers to make it more feminine.  They gave me a resounding, “No way!”  At least, I got it in red instead of steel gray or silver.  I guess I am no longer a soccer mom with my minivan. 

Keep those e-mails coming!  Send pictures!!      



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