Classmate Travels

I decided to work on the blog tonight because tomorrow I have an appointment with the ophthalmologist for my “regular” every 3-5 year check up and my eyes will be dilated.  I will be “blind” for awhile tomorrow.  Don’t you love those drops?  They do make brown eyes like mine look cool since the pupil is so huge.  Of course, I can’t see how cool I look!  And I will have to wear some dorky dark sunglasses that fit behind my glasses.  How cool is that?!

It seems our classmates have been out and about lately.  I have received several e-mails from friends who have been traveling.  Jerry Coryell was in Texas visiting his folks.  Kevin was running around Florida in his RV.  Nick and Sally were out in California.  Bill Fann was visiting his mom in Texas.  (I don’t think he ran into Jerry, though.  Texas is a big state, you know.) Deb and Frank spent a week in Puerto Rico (Holy Week, of all weeks!) So, they told me about their adventures and said I could share bits of their e-mails with you.

3/24/08 from Jerry C.  I will be going to Mineola TX this week to help my parents celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary.  My wife can’t make it but two of our five grandchildren will make the trip with me.  All is well, life is good and a pleasure enjoying Easter.

3/25/09 from Deb:  HI Suz.  We got back from our vacation later on Sunday. I will have to say our vacation was a mixed bag.  The first thing was not being able to land at Atlanta.  While we were in the air, they had tornados that caused the airport to close.  After circling for quite a while we were able to land but missed our connecting flight.  Luckily we were able to get stand by seats for the next flight and it worked out ok. 

Logan, Frank and I had two days of sunshine and then the storms moved in.  We did get to visit the fabulous fort in Old San Juan on Sunday when the weather was beautiful.  There were some showers but not enough to stop any activities.  Now I understand why the Puerto Rican women carry umbrellas with them.  The brief showers or hot sunshine make it a good idea.  The locals were flying kites all over the grassy area near the fort and it looked like they had picnicked.  Lots of families. We took the free trolley around the old city. 
On Monday we did get some beach and swimming pool time.  Enough that both Frank and Logan had sunburned faces.  I, of course, had lotion on to protect me.  The sunshine was intense.  The ocean waters were so warm and salty beyond belief!   
The resort was very crowded with families.  Many come from the east coast, New York, Delaware, etc.  Lots of Puerto Ricans too.  The Spanish flowed from most people we encountered and their English was pretty good for the most part.  It did feel like a foreign country. 
On Wednesday the stormy weather moved in.  It was so windy and cloudy.  Not much rain.  The waves were 25′.  The beaches were closed.  Roads along the coast we wanted to travel were closed.  The port was closed. 
On Thursday we did travel to the rain forest.  It is a spiritual center for Puerto Ricans and was beautiful.  The green was so intense and everywhere.  We took an improved trail down to a water fall.  Actually there were waterfalls all along the trail that fed into this larger one.  There was a natural pool that some folks were getting into.  I took off one shoe and stuck my foot in the water.  It was very cold.  We didn’t see the parrots that are native to Puerto Rico and only there.  Another species natural to the island and no where else in the world is a tree frog.  It reproduces from eggs.  And sings at night. 
Friday we tried the pool area again.  It was so crowded and sunlight was sporadic at best.  Beaches continued to be closed but people were beginning to jump the fence and go in the water anyway.  Clay and I did just that.  The undertow was very dangerous.  It was interesting how the waves came at you from different directions and pulled the sand right out from under your feet.  I was ankle deep in no time.  I was actually disoriented by the wave activity. 
The last night the boys hired a driver to take them out on the town.  Frank and I stayed in the room and watched crappy tv.  We were too tired to do anything else!  Since it was holy week there was not as much night life for the boys.  About two thirds of the tourist industry was shut down on Good Friday.  We did see a group of people walking down the street carrying a statue of Mary surrounded by flowers.  I guess each plaza area has their own Good Friday celebration. 
Now it is back to reality.
3/25/08 Kevin
I was on vacation to Florida in our motor home…Yes just like camping– in a 40 foot diesel RV with Central Air,  Micro and a sleep comfort King size bed..Love that camping!
3/27/08 Nick
We started in Sacramento, watching our daughter Kate’s Colorado Sate Softball team.  She is a grad assistant this year and they were playing there during spring break.  Its just not the same when she’s not playing but it was great to get to see her.  We stayed a couple of days and then headed to the Sonoma and Napa valley.  Wine country.  We stayed in Calistoga, visited a few wineries and of course had to do some tasting.  Its a great time with some excellent wine.  From there we went to San Francisco, cable cars, shopping, and great food.
We were fortunate to catch Tom Cordell at home and we met for dinner.  We always have a great time with Tom.  He’s a great host.  We packed a lot in five days, great little vacation.
I’m headed to Broken Bow tomorrow for Ide Ferguson’s funeral.  Opal, Nancy, Tink and Barb are my 2nd counsins.   Donita was my dads first cousin.
3/28/08 Bill
I was in Lago Vista, TX just north of Austin.  My mother is 79 and recently decided to take it easy.  She went from 5 days a week as a Reservationist for Sheraton Hotels to four days a week.  It is astounding to me that she was working full time at age 79.
I also received an e-mail from Terry Brand a week or so ago that he has given me permission to put on the blog.  It was nice to get an update from him. 
3/21/08 Terry
I work for Paulsen Inc. It is a large construction co. I work as a job superintendent ,at the present time I am building an addition to the Bertrand Public School. Over the years I have work on banks, schools, churches, treatment plants. The job that I worked on before the Bertrand School was building an operating room and remodeled part of the Kearney Eye Institute. I have worked for Paulsen’s for the last thirty years.
My wife Pat is from Cozad.  Pat works at the Cozad Hospital she is an R N. She is the infection control, safety, and about four other job titles that I can never remember. 
The hobbies that I have are camping, playing with the grand kids, and helping the kids with there projects. We also try to go to three or four Nebraska football games a year.
3/26/08 Addendum from Terry
 Pat and I have six grandkids. Jason has three, Samantha 11, Katelyn 5, and Dylan 3. Amanda also has three Taytum 10, Cynch 4, Aubrey 3. Nick is not married he has a dog. But he did get engaged to his girl friend last week. She works at BrynLGH in Lincoln she draws blood.{phlebotimist}  Jason is thirty-two his birthday is valentine’s day. I thought having your first kid’s birthday on a holiday would be hard to top but Amanda and Nick’s birthday is Dec. 5th four minutes apart their twins and 28 years old.
Please keep those e-mails coming!  Let me know if I can put potions of your news on the blog. 


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