I hope you all had a nice Easter.  We have been busy the past couple weeks with birthdays, new babies and Easter. 

Thank you to Lana, Dan Jacquot and Opal for their recent contributions to the class fund!  Your generosity is overwhelming.  We appreciate all your support.  The list is getting longer for Mike Bell and me.  I apologize that I am behind in our “official” acknowledgements.  I hope to remedy that soon. 

I met my new grand-niece March 19.  She was born in Missoula, Montana, to my oldest brother’s second son, Mitch, and his wife, Melissa.  They are both in their 30’s and this is their first child.  Jim only has one other grandchild and she is adopted from China.  She turns five years old this week.  So, the new baby was extra special because she is the first “blood relation” on the Grady side in the next generation.  We went to Lincoln to PO Pear’s to meet her.  Mitch and Melissa met at PO Pear’s when Mitch worked there as a cook.  Plus, Pear’s is closing in a week, so they wanted to see it one last time. (Actually, Mitch has been invited back to cook on their last night.)  It was a thrill to see my brother with his new granddaughter.  I have never seen him so happy.

She's the most beautiful baby ever   With Aunt Susan

Mike’s birthday was March 20.  He turned 17 years old.  His birthday was a little unusual this year.  First of all, when I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he told me, “a chair.”  He wanted a chair for the basement where he and his friends play videogames.  There is a futon, an old recliner, bar stools and folding chairs down there, but he wanted another chair.  He wanted one he could take to college with him in a couple years. So, we went to the Nebraska Furniture Mart and picked out a swivel recliner with ottoman.  We took it home that night and he put it together.  The next day he told his girlfriend that he got a chair from his folks for his birthday.  She said, “A chair?!  Why did they give you a chair?”  He told her because he wanted one.  Then he told her how he put it together.  She said, “You had to assemble it?!”  He said, “That was part of the fun.  Like an Erector Set or Lincoln Logs!”  She couldn’t believe it.  It all sounded so strange to her.  But, then she gave him her present and it was an electric razor, which I thought was kind of a strange from a girlfriend. 


We asked Mike where he wanted to go for his birthday dinner.  He picked a hotdog place (Chicago Dawg House)!  It is this little tiny place that serves hotdogs and Italian beef sandwiches.  It is long and narrow with seats along a bar against the wall.  So, as you sit and eat, you are facing a brick wall!  It’s a strange little place, but they do have good Italian beef sandwiches and Mike liked his chili dog.  It was probably the cheapest birthday dinner (or maybe even regular dinner!) we had ever paid for.  Mike is a practical, no-nonsense kid who knows what he likes, I guess.

Easter was very quiet for us.  It seemed strange not to have everyone home.  Dave and Carlota stayed in Chicago and celebrated with her family.  Joe had to work a double shift at Chang’s. I was a little upset with Chang’s for scheduling him for two shifts on Easter, but what could we do?  Joe stayed overnight here instead of at his place on Saturday, then we got up early and went to church before he had to go to work.  At least we got to see him for a couple hours that way.

DSC00886  DSC00890

I found out that Becky’s dad died last week.  Scroll down to March 23 to read about that.  We offer Becky our condolences.


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