Potholes are blooming all over Omaha.  The rollercoaster weather we have had is to blame, I’m sure.  Yesterday it was 65 degrees out, today it’s twenty.  The road surface expands and contracts with the temperature and cars zoom up and down the streets, causing the structure to break down.  But, the streets get their revenge when drivers with poor vigilance, unknowning hit a pothole, damaging their car’s alignment or even their wheels or frames.  Some try to sue the city for the damages, but there are so many potholes popping up, it is difficult for the city to repair them all. Like dandelions in the summer, for every one that is taken care of, three more pop up!

On a different note, our class fund is growing.  As of now, we have received $535 in donations/dues from twelve classmates.  After the last reunion, our account was left $70.  Donations are approaching $600. (I feel like I should have one of those tote boards like on the telethons!) Thank you to those twelve people:  Becky, Terry B., Tom, Cindy Ell., Paula, David K., Deb Mc, Neil P., Shelley, Chuck and Bruce W. Names of donors will be listed in our reunion booklet.   It is not too late to send in your donations.  Mail them to Mike Bell.  If you need his address, e-mail me.  


Saturday Dennis and I saw the musical “Bye, Bye Birdie” at Burke High School.  It was a lot of fun.  I wonder how many of the kids in the play knew what some of the jokes meant!  Even some of the audience was probably too young to understand some parts of it.  I wonder how many even knew who Ed Sullivan was!  Burke has the reputation for putting on good musicals.  They have very talented kids and a good music director.  Their ensemble group that sings and dances is very good.  Mike wasn’t involved in the musical this year, but we went anyway.  In the past, we have gone to the musicals even when we had no kids at Burke.  They put on such good productions, it’s well worth the $7 tickets!  (Cheap entertainment!)  After the play, we went to Old Chicago with our former neighbors for dessert (which changed to beer once we got there!)  When we got home, Mike was waiting up for us. “Where have you been?!  I tried to call you.”  (I left my cell on vibrate and put it in my purse!) We told him, now he knows how we feel when he gets home late!


Thursday I will be going to Chicago with the Burke band kids.  I am chaperoning 8 boys!  It should be fun.  I know most of the guys and they are a great group.   My friend, Nancy, is also chaperoning 8 boys, so we plan to “hang together.”  Most of the activities are together with all 45 kids, but a couple times we will be able to go off on our own.  We will be there until Sunday.  The itinerary is crammed full.  I lamented that I may be too old for all this!  I think the band director’s ploy is to wear the kids out so they behave themselves at night and not try to sneak into each others’ rooms, etc.  Instead, I think he will have very tired chaperones who won’t know what the kids are doing at night! 

Keep that e-mail coming!  Hopefully, I will have some news from classmates next time.  Oh!  Wait!  I do have some news.  Lynne is a grandma again.  Her sixth grandchild was born February 25th–a boy.  She now has four grandsons and two granddaughters. (Each daughter has three children.)  Lynne and Linda just celebrated their birthday February 23rd, so I am sure Grandma Lynne will have a special place in her heart for her new grandson.

 March Birthdays:  March16th–Judy Person, March 23–Linda Houser

(Let me know your birthday if you haven’t already.)


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