Spring Fever

Mother Nature is toying with us here in the Midwest.  We have had below freezing temperatures for a long time but with sporadic nice days.  All week will be 5 below, then suddenly one of the days will be 40-50 degrees.  Almost balmy.  Only to return to the below freezing temperatures again.  We had a beautiful weekend.  Yesterday reached 50 degrees!  People were going without coats.  Today we are back to gloomy, snowy weather.  Nature is playing a nasty hoax on us.  I guess it gives us a day to get the car washed, then back to the slush and salt again.  The lines at the car washes remind me of the lines at Disneyland!

We celebrated Joe’s roommate’s birthday this weekend by meeting the kids at the Brazen Head.  There was quite a crowd for Jeff’s birthday.  He turned 22.  “Ellis Island” was playing, so we had a great time, drinking Guinness or Smithwicks or Bass ale and singing along to the music.  There was a lot of audience participation as usual.

Our oldest son, Dave, and his wife flew to Rome for vacation yesterday.  They left Chicago around 2:00 in the afternoon.  I just heard from Dave.  They waited to call rather than calling us in the middle of the night (our time) when they arrived.  It was a nine hour flight from Chicago to Milan, then they changed planes after an hour layover.  They have bad jetlag right now since they weren’t able to get any sleep on the plane.  I think they will be better tomorrow and can start their “Rome Adventure.”

I haven’t received anymore “Return to Sender”s so I think Kerry Harris and Mike Horn are the only incorrect addresses we have.  I did find out I may have incorrect addresses for some people whose e-mail address I have.  I tried to send Shelley some “snail mail” and it came back to me.  Since we have been communicating via e-mail, I hadn’t realized I didn’t have her correct address.  If you suspect I may not have your current address, please let me know.  We will be sending out questionnaires for the booklet in a few months, so I want to make sure we have current addresses.  Keep sending pictures!  I haven’t gotten any in awhile.  We want old pictures, recent pictures, family pictures…whatever you want to share with us.

I hope you are warm and happy wherever you are.  (Kind of like Charles Schultz’s “Happiness is a warm puppy.”)


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