Super Tuesday

Today is Mardi Gras as well as “Super Tuesday.”  Or, as my teenaged son calls it, “Super Fat Tuesday!”  Hard to believe we’re just six weeks away from Easter!

Saturday was my birthday (Groundhog’s Day.)  I have been fighting a cold, so the celebration was rather lowkey.  I have made it another year (!), outliving my mom and older sister.  Since I’m a Groundhog baby, I have decided to follow the lead of the movie that stars Bill Murray, and just keep repeating my 40th birthday.  I’m not sure I want to wake up to “I Got You, Babe” every morning, though!

Keep those birthday and anniversary dates coming! February Birthdays and Anniversaries are:   


1 anniversary Jerry C (1975)

2 Susan

11 Jerry C

12 Janice

14 anniversary Cheryl

15 anniversary Sonia

17 Paula

21 Lynne and Linda




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