January Thaw

 Last week we had below freezing temperatures and snow on the ground.  Yesterday, it was 47 degrees here and a lot of the snow has melted. The car washes were very busy this weekend!  It looks like we are in for a few nice days before it becomes cold again.  Saturday is Groundhog’s Day which is also my birthday.  I remember very few birthdays when it wasn’t bitterly cold or snowing on Groundhog’s Day. 

Do you remember our Junior Class Play?  It was called “January Thaw.”  I can’t remember exactly how that title fit the plot.  It was basically a story about two families, one “city folks” and the other, backwoods.  Cathy G. and Tom C. played the city people who moved into an old farm house and were fixing it up, hanging farm implements on the walls and putting flowers in the chamber pot.  I was “Ma” of the backwoods folks with my son David K. Mark D. was the uncle.  It was a fun play with lots of corny jokes and humor. I remember we worked hard on it with practices every day and many evenings.  Does anyone remember anything else about it?  I think Betty A. was my daughter, too.  I don’t recall the rest of the cast, I’m sorry.  If anyone still has the play program, it would be fun to include it in our memoribilia at the reunion.

I don’t know what it says about our class, but remember how our school musical was “L’il Abner?”  I guess we were good at playing hillbillies! 

I have decided that Groundhog’s Day is a good day to have a birthday.  Ever since the movie with Bill Murray came out a few years ago, my attitude to the day has changed.  Since in the movie, the day is repeated over and over, I have decided that my age is also repeated over and over so I don’t grow any older!  (I wish my body would follow suit!)

I hope it is warm wherever you are.  Keep sending pictures and e-mails.  Thank you to Jerry and Mary V. for the pictures of their family.

                Jerry and Mary Vaughan's family


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