In yesterday’s blog entry, I forgot to mention that I heard from several classmates about the barn. If you recall, I mentioned that I was up at night and fell asleep watching TV.  It was at the same time as the mall shooting. Anyway, I roused out of my sleep just in time to hear the commentator talk about a barn in Broken Bow.  There, on the screen, was a map with a star marking Broken Bow and then a picture of a barn being transported through town.  I had missed the story so was curious why a barn made national news.  Here is what classmates told me:

They moved the O K Luther barn from near the golf course on west highway 2 to the east end of town .The final location is just east of  John Deere  On the south side of the highway, land had been purchased for a Sandhills Scenic Byways Interpretative Center. It has been in the works for approximately 6 years, Fundraising and grant applications etc.  The sight was chosen after another location became unavailable. It will be a museum of sorts, about the Midwest and Sandhills areas. There should be coverage on Sandhills Express. The photo was picked up by Kearney, Grand Island and even the front page of the Omaha World Herald.  Thank God you are all safe. I have been in that VonMaur location when we shopped for dresses for weddings etc.  (Linda R)

HI Suz.  The shooting in Omaha was horrible.  So glad to know that you all are safe and sound.  The old Luther Barn is being moved from one side of town to the other for the scenic byways highway 2 informational center.  BBow won some sort of competition to have this center which will be located east of Custer County Implement.  (Deb G)

Susan,I read about the barn.  It was on the front page of the World Herald yesterday, you probably don’t get the same addition of the World Herald.  It was the OK Luther barn from west of town.  It is being moved to the east side of town and is going to be renovated and used as part of a visitor center for the Sand Hills. (Nick)

Hi Susan,
I was shocked and saddened to hear about the shooting at Westroads.  We’ll keep the victims and their families in our prayers.  This is so tragic especially at this time of the year.
Here’s a link to the Chief and the story on the barn.
My mom said that old barn used to be out by the country club and they are moving it out east of town to put a museum in it. I would like to have seen the segment on the news but we missed it. So glad to here you are safe. My daughter and her family are also safe. Take care and have a Happy Holiday season. (Mary Lou)
Thank you to all who enlightened me.  I suppose with all the news of the shooting, our state and national news was lacking that week or so.  Keep those e-mails coming!  I enjoy hearing from you all.

Class birthdays (January)                   Happy Birthday!

  8 Vikki

12 Bill P

12 Charlie H                                                 

16 Linda R

19 Dan J

27 Mike G


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